Three hot takes on the 2021 Porsche Esports Supercup

3 Hot Takes on the 2021 Porsche Esports Supercup


With the second race weekend ahead, here are three bold predictions for iRacing‘s biggest competition.

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Round one of the 2021 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup already had some big surprises for us. Title defender Sebastian Job dropped out of the main race, and Kevin Ellis Jr. took a surprise win at Interlagos.

The events in Brazil suggest that this season is going to be very different from the previous one. As we head into race two at Barcelona this weekend, here are three bold predictions for the remainder of the 2021 competition.

1. Coanda is the best team on the grid

German team Coanda Simsport put up a performance of sheer dominance in the first race. The top eleven drivers from qualifying all belonged either to the Coanda team or Coanda drivers racing under another team’s flag. Six of them are now occupying places in the top ten of the standings.


Using the first weekend as a predictor for the entire season is bold, but there are valid reasons why Coanda has the strength to continue dominating. Firstly, they have the perfect mix of drivers to help the team rise. Esports coaches like Mack Bakkum, real-life racing expert Ayhancan Güven and 2019 Porsche Esports Supercup winner Joshua K Rogers provide broad expertise for strategy and setup creation. Plus, Coanda is one of the most professionally organized teams in esports racing, even owning a gaming house where all the drivers work together around the clock. The stage is set for the squad to dominate.

2. New rules shake up the competition

The 2021 season brought in important rule changes which are going to influence the outcome of the season significantly. The partly reversed grid after qualifying has been removed and instead, the top eight finishers of the sprint race now start in reverse order in the main race.

The event at Interlagos gave us a first glimpse of how the rules changes shake up the competition. The field of drivers seemed to be divided into two groups, with one focusing on qualifying and sprint race setups, and the other on tire-friendly but slightly slower main race setups. Finding the right balance for the entire event is going to be a deciding factor for the title.

3. Joshua Rogers outperforms Sebastian Job

Sebastian Job’s first race weekend turned into a nightmare, not only because of him disconnecting from the event in the main race. The Briton struggled to find his pace at the Brazilian circuit, only qualifying and finishing the sprint race in twelfth place.

Even if Brazil was just a small dip in Job’s pace, the 2020 champion needs to step up his game against dominant Coanda driver Joshua K Rogers. The rule changes of the 2021 season hugely play into Rogers’ hands, as being the fastest in qualifying now means a place on the front row in the first race. The Australian already showed he is going to make use of this, as he secured pole position and sprint race win in the first event. Only an accident in the main race could stop him from grabbing even more points.

Rogers also was the fastest driver in eight out of ten qualifying sessions in the 2020 season. If he continues to dominate qualifying and makes use of his team’s expertise, he is in pole position for the 2021 title.

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