The big problem with GT7's livery editor

The big problem with GT7’s livery editor

Ever since Gran Turismo Sport, players have been able to create their own liveries in the Livery Editor. Gran Turismo 7 promised to bring it back bigger and better, but the new version has some inconveniences.

Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Nobody anticipated creating custom liveries becoming just as popular an activity within Gran Turismo Sport as the racing. If it can be thought of, there’s most likely a livery of it somewhere on Gran Turismo‘s website.

We even made a guide to help anybody looking to create their own custom liveries, where we provided tips such as stocking up on decals and playing around with the tools to get used to what goes where.

It was promised with Gran Turismo 7 that you could transfer liveries over. A collective sigh of relief from the community was heard when Polyphony confirmed that. However, upon loading up Gran Turismo 7 and getting access to the livery editor in GT Auto, importing liveries many discovered that importing liveries wasn’t as easy as intended.

What’s wrong?

Let’s say a player wanted to import their livery over. They would have to share it publicly on Gran Turismo Sport, which not everybody wants to do as they may not want their livery they race with used by just anyone. But the same applies not only for liveries, but custom decals.

To upload decals onto GT Sport, one must convert an image to an SVG file and, providing it falls below 15kb, it then appears in the game. However, unless they’re publicly shared again, the decals won’t carry over onto GT7 and players may be in a situation where their cars will be completely without custom decals.

With no publicly shared decals, liveries from Gran Turismo Sport (top) when imported to Gran Turismo 7 (bottom) will not have the decals. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

The fact that Polyphony Digital have made it extra difficult for livery creators to import their liveries is incredibly inconvenient. Do not be surprised if there is an influx of users sharing decals and liveries just so they can import them over to Gran Turismo 7.

One good feature

One of the best things about the new GT7 editor, though, is the ability to alter liveries that other players have created. No longer will players see liveries that they love bar one minor detail and either have to run it with that detail they dislike or painstakingly recreate the livery from scratch.

It’s entirely possible that someone could take a Ferrari F1 livery and change it to something like a sickly green, if they’re a sadist.

It’s now possible to add custom windscreen banners in the livery editor. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

Another really cool feature in GT7‘s livery editor is the ability to have custom windscreen banners. In GT Sport there was only ever the choice of a black or white Gran Turismo windscreen banner, or one that came with the car by default.

All of these little quality of life amendments make livery creation that much better for everyone on Gran Turismo 7. Unfortunately, there is still the slight inconvenience of having to hop back onto Gran Turismo Sport to share any uploaded decals and importing the liveries over to the new game.

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