Behind the scenes at Clash of Racers II

Behind the scenes at Clash of Racers II

What does it take to produce Clash of Racers II? See for yourself in our behind-the-scenes video!

Photo credit: OverTake

Our eagerly awaited Clash of Racers II wrapped up on December 13! Countless hours of planning and detailed preparation transformed into an entertaining racing tournament with amazing participants. While our influencers carried out the most visible part of the evening in front of the camera, there is obviously much more to Clash of Racers II than what you’ve seen on screen. We invite you to a sneak peek at proceedings in our behind-the-scenes video!

Months of preparation pay off

The initial idea for our second edition of Clash of Racers was born way back in July. After the first event, our team was overwhelmed with the positive reactions and pumped to do more events of the same type. The planning of the first segments began several weeks later, around September 2020. As December approached, so too did our crunch time for preparations for the tournament – after all, there was a production team of around 50 people to coordinate, plus the influencers!

Three days prior to the event day, the entire team met up in the studios for the final rehearsal. In between technical checks, all the studios for our hosts and casters had to be set-up, lighting was adjusted, and challenges planned. When the day finally arrived, our influencers joined the party and made their very own preparations for the cast, had their make-up done and were wired up with microphones.

If you think “This has to be about it, right?”, we have to tell you that the list still goes on. Adjustments during the show have to happen almost instantly – but see for yourself in our video!

In case you have missed the exciting event altogether, be sure to check out the VoD of it on our YouTube channel or on Twitch.

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