Jajovski on Le Mans: One of the toughest races ever

Jajovski on Le Mans: One of the toughest races ever

rFactor 2

rFactor 2 ace Erhan Jajovski talks about driving for Romain Grosjean and what it takes to win Le Mans.

Photo credit: R8G Esports Twitter

Erhan Jajovski is one of the best drivers in rFactor 2. The North Macedonian had an incredible year 2019, participating both in World’s Fastest Gamer and the McLaren Shadow Project finals. The 24-year-old also won the virtual 24H of Le Mans in 2019 and tells us what it takes to win the legendary endurance race. Erhan made his next big step in 2020 by joining Romain Grosjean’s newly formed team R8G eSports.

Hi Erhan, thanks for joining! There has been a lot going on this year already. You won the rFactor2 GT Pro Series. Also, you are competing in The Race’s All-Star series at the moment. Are you satisfied with your performance so far this year?

Hello, thank you for having me, pleasure to be here with you! Yeah, it has been a crazy couple of months, since the start of this pandemic really. I became a champion in the GT Pro Series on rFactor 2 and I enjoy coming back to The Race’s All Star races every week, very exciting short couple of races we have, with the arguably most competitive grid on the platform.

I’m extremely satisfied with my performance this year, I managed to up my game and consistency on a really high level. I am really excited of what’s coming next, plenty of other projects yet to start, very exciting times for us sim racers that’s for sure!

Let’s take a look back. When did you get into virtual racing and what was the first competition you raced in?

I cannot recall what year it was exactly, but my first racing title was Race 07, so it must have been 2008 or 2009. I was racing casually for a long time, raced various of games, like F1 2012, Assetto Corsa and others, until I was introduced to rFactor 2 in 2016. Their most popular endurance league became my first competition I have raced in, the Virtual Endurance Championship.

Looking at your career so far, your strength clearly is rFactor 2. What makes it so good for you compared to other simulations?

The majority of the competitions I have entered and had success in are on rFactor 2. So far, I’ve tried every racing title there is on PC, and rFactor 2 has given me the most complete driving experience of all. Mostly that comes from the force feedback, tire model and car handling. But, since last year I started exploring the other titles, I reached the finals of the official SRO E-Sport GT Series Championship on Assetto Corsa Competizione in 2019.

Also, I’m more and more active on RaceRoom, still adapting to the game but I managed to qualify for the upcoming season of ADAC GT Masters, which should start in concurrence with the real season, and has a prizepool of €80,000.

ADAC GT Masters
Source: R8G eSports Twitter

Are there any features from other simulations you would like to see in rFactor2?

I would like to see an intergration of a competition system, similar to iRacing. That would really benefit the game.

Last year, you participated in the final of World’s Fastest Gamer. How did the event impact you as a racer? Which moments of the competition do like to look back to most of all?

Correct. I would describe it as one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I had an amazing time driving those cars on famous racing tracks across California and gained tons of experience. When I look back, the whole trip is too precious, but if I had to choose, it would be driving the sprint dirt car! I have no words to describe that car, how it drove and what I felt at that moment. When I got in to that thing, it was like you were in a cage, cramped, awkward sitting position and the noise it made, oh! The fear and excitement were just overwhelming.

Which car would you like to drive in real life one day and on which track?

Definitely would choose an LMP1 car, preferably the Porsche 919 around the Nordschleife.

In May 2020 you joined Romain Grosjeanís new esports racing team R8G Esports. Why did you choose this team and what are your goals?

I am extremely proud to be chosen for his newly formed esports team. It’s an honor to be part of it. My goals are performing at a peak level consistently and being part of the major competitions on the platforms that I race on.

How important is having a team when you are competing on such a high level in esports racing?

It’s not just having a team, having the right team of people supporting you is most important, when competing at the highest level of esports racing.

In 2019, you won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in rFactor 2. This year, you’re going to compete in the 24H of Le Mans Virtual for R8G Esports. How determined are you to win the race with your new team and how do you prepare?

That was one of the toughest races I have ever done on rFactor 2. Mixed conditions, lots of great fights and to come out on top after 24 hours of racing was the best feeling in the world! We are working really hard with our real drivers to get them in the rythm. They are very quick learners, I have no doubt that we will be top contenders for the win.

Our preparations are ongoing every day. Mostly we spend our time with developing the setup of the car and actual driving. Once we get closer to the race week, we start planning out strategy, which is very important part of Le Mans.

Thank you very much Erhan and good luck at Le Mans!

Born and raised close to the Nürburgring.