Meet the new face at OverTake: Ermin Hamidovic

Meet the new face at OverTake: Ermin Hamidovic

YouTuber Ermin Hamidovic joins the OverTake crew to create top-notch esports racing content. In our interview we welcome the Australian to our team and give you a glimpse at what’s to come!

Here at OverTake, we are now flooring the accelerator! With Ermin Hamidovic joining our team as a host, talent, and content creator, we will be able to produce even better content for you in the future! Meet Ermin in our latest video, in which he gets interviewed by our favourite rFactor 2 aficionado Rene Buttler.

Two competitive minds, one goal

Being competitive beyond all help, Ermin and Rene couldn’t agree on a sim to race on (as both are more than eager to win), so we had to level the playing field: our two men in front of the camera play some rounds on Wreckfest to determine who’s better. While doing so, they introduce themselves to the community as the faces now most of OverTake’s content which is to come.

Ermin Hamidovic built a huge following in the last one and a half years with his YouTube channel, on which he uploaded excellent esports racing content. The man from Down Under has recently shut his channel down for the time being to move to Germany. Joining OverTake, he will work in a team which will grant him the opportuntiy to make more of what he does like best: creating content!

Rene isn’t an unknown face on OverTake or in the esports racing community either! The charismatic motorhead has been involved with competitive virtual racing for more than 15 years, worked on rFactor 2, and hosted our Nitro Nights special at the ADAC Simracing Expo.

Join the two in some really entertaining rounds of Wreckfest, get to know their awesome personalities, and learn what’s to come on OverTake in the very near future – we can promise that you won’t be disappointed!

What content would you like to see Ermin create on OverTake? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.