Bradley Brockies of eTeam BRIT: Sim racing with autism

Bradley Brockies of eTeam BRIT: Sim racing with autism

For World Autism Awareness Day, we had a chat with Bradley Brockies who competes for eTeam BRIT, a sim racing team made especially for drivers with disabilities.

Image credit: eTeam BRIT

After a highly successful first running of the VCO Esports Racing World Cup on three sims; iRacing, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione, a bunch of new teams joined for the Esports Racing League. The one with the big headlines surrounding their arrival was Brabham, but another big addition to ERL was eTeam BRIT.

This team is one of the most inspiring in all of racing, both in real life and virtually. Their mission is to provide opportunities to drivers who have physical and psychological disabilities, with some of the drivers using adapted simulators to compete. eTeam BRIT is a truly remarkable team that offers an immense service to many hopeful racers and it’s certainly a worthy inclusion into the Esports Racing League.

One of the drivers representing eTeam BRIT in the Esports Racing League is Bradley Brockies, who at age 3 was diagnosed with autism, he is now 17 and has been a member of the team since 2020. Having competed in the first round of ERL Spring Cup, we had the chance to talk to Bradley about how he got involved in sim racing.

OverTake: How did you get started in sim racing and how long have you been participating in it?

Bradley Brockies:

I’ve been sim racing for two years, started in April 2020. Saw one of eTeam BRIT’s tweets and decided to go from there, dropped them an email telling them who I was and that I’d love to get involved. So I started the trial period with them and became an official member of eTeam BRIT in June 2020.

OverTake: What have been some of your biggest achievements in competitive esports racing in your time?

Bradley Brockies:

I’d say one of my biggest achievements would definitely have been when I won the eTeam BRIT GT Challenge round at Silverstone in the Am category, that race was very good for me. Then carrying on the championship battle during the season was also one of my highlights even though I didn’t win, it taught me a lot.

OverTake: How important is it that teams like eTeam BRIT exist to help provide opportunities and support to drivers who are physically impaired and/or are neurodivergent?

Bradley Brockies:

It’s very important that teams like eTeam BRIT exist. It gives disabled people the chance to compete on a level playing field, it provides hand controls if needed and it raises awareness of disability through sport and our achievements online.

In the ERL Spring Cup Round 2 on rFactor 2, eTeam BRIT just fell short of progressing to the quarter final from their heat. Image credit: VCO Esports

OverTake: The team have just joined the Esports Racing League. How have you all been finding the challenge of being quick on multiple sims?

Bradley Brockies:

It’s new territory for eTeam BRIT, a championship using three different simulators and being quick on all three of them. It’s definitely a challenge, I think we are starting to get there and we are looking forward to the next round.

OverTake: What would be your advice to someone with autism wanting to get involved in the sim racing competitive scene?

Bradley Brockies:

I’d advise them to just go for it, drop an email or message to eTeam BRIT and introduce yourselves. Say if you want to get involved, they’re very supportive, and have been with me so definitely get into contact with them.

eTeam BRIT and the many other teams are competing once again in the VCO Esports Racing League Spring Cup’s third round on iRacing this upcoming Wednesday 6 April, be sure to tune in to see how they do. Plus, if anybody out there wants to represent eTeam BRIT, follow them on Twitter to find out how you can become a member.

Teams like eTeam BRIT are around to provide a platform for hopeful drivers who want to compete regardless of their disability as well as providing a level of support and community to those who can’t find support elsewhere. They are an essential and valuable presence in the sim racing world and we look forward to seeing how well they do in many types of esports racing competitions.

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