kev1n: Clash of Racers "is gonna be ultra fun"

kev1n: Clash of Racers “is gonna be ultra fun”

With our Clash of Racers around the corner, we talked to team captain kev1n about the event and his passion for racing.

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Kevin “kev1n” Rubisziewski is an esports veteran. The 27-year-old German used to be a professional League of Legends player for about five years. He is still playing the popular online game competitively on his successful stream. But there is something, not everyone knows about kev1n: He has also a passion for racing. That being said, he is excited to be one of the team captains at our Clash of Racers on June 21, 6.00 PM CEST, where he will face Max Benecke and his squad in multiple challenges.



You can watch Clash of Racers live on our Twitch channel OverTake_gg.

We talked to kev1n about his passion for racing, his expectations of Clash of Racers and his opponent Max Benecke.

Hey Kevin, thanks for joining us. You and your team will compete at our Clash of Racers, although you are actually known as a League of Legends player. Where does your interest in racing games come from?

Hi, thanks for having me! I have always been into sports cars and racing tracks. I completed many laps on Nürburgring Nordschleife and several other tracks. A few months ago, I played F1 2018 with my team Spandauer Inferno and it was a lot of fun. People in Twitch chat then told me to try F1 2019, which I did. Since then, I have gained a good amount of playtime. (laughs)

Are there other racing games that you enjoy?

I am most comfortable with F1 2019. To be honest, I did not play many other racing games so far. A little bit of Forza Horizon one year ago, but that’s pretty much it. F1 2019 is a lot of fun to me, learning the limits, turning off almost all the driving assistants except for the racing line in corners. It feels very rewarding to get better.

What are the main aspects of Clash of Racers that you are looking forward to?

I look forward to it because, as I mentioned before, I have been a car and racing enthusiast ever since I was a little kid. I will have a lot of fun playing Clash of Racers! What excites me the most is probably to play the games with others and of course to race against each other. I am the kind of player who always needs pvp (player versus player) in games and wants to compete against others to get better. I think, it’s gonna be an ultra fun event!

Both you and Max Benecke are experienced German esports personalities. What do you think of him as your opponent?

I think he is very strong, and of course he is familiar with the genre. That will make it even sweeter to see him lose against me. (laughs)

What do you think about your role as a captain of a virtual racing team?

I am very curious about which tasks I will be given and I am excited to work together with the other drivers.

What is your goal for the challenge?

The most important goal is of course to have fun and to make it a good show for the viewers. Nevertheless, since I am ambitious, I want to take away a few wins for myself. And of course I want to win the whole event with the help of my team!

Is there anything you would like to tell Max before your face-off?

I hope it will be a tense duel. And if I lose to him, let’s do a 1v1 in League of Legends! (laughs)

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