Pirro on the future of Lamborghini's The Real Race

Pirro on the Future of Lamborghini’s Real Race

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Lamborghini’s Assetto Corsa Competizione tournament The Real Race is about to come to an end, with the Grand Final taking place this Thursday. We asked Emanuele Pirro, former Formula 1 racer and one of the organisers behind the event, about the challenges and surprises of The Real Race and what makes the tournament so special. And of course: if there will be a second season.

OverTake: What are the biggest takeaways from The Real Race 2020?

Emanuele: The biggest takeaway is probably the number of people who took part, and the excitement. Lamborghini is a brand who has a very young audience, and I think this was really proving that. The spirit of competition and camaraderie and also – what I noticed by talking to the top three winners – their maturity in answering the questions in a positive, good and smart way. This really shows that there’s a lot of quality out there.

OverTake: What was most surprising about this season so far?

Emanuele: Well, I can say that the races are not won until the checkered flag is down. You can be good at one circuit and less good at another which shows the unpredictability of this event – this is what makes it so exciting. I think predictability makes a sport event look boring. The fact that you didn’t know the winner until the last minute despite the strong selection was really surprising.

OverTake: How do you want to set The Real Race apart from other tournaments?

Emanuele: For me, the main difference is that it comes from a very cool brand, Lamborghini. It has been promoted by a manufacturer that has always aimed to appeal to the younger generation. The number of participants, the quality and enthusiasm highlights that.

OverTake: Why did Lamborghini decide to move into esports?

Emanuele: I think it was a logical step. Lamborghini is by far the most present car-manufacturer online – in the world of the new generation. Also, Lamborghini organizes the Super Trofeo which is the fastest single-brand championship. It was an inevitable step to participate in the esports scene.

OverTake: In the future, do you plan on expanding your own work in esports?

Emanuele: My motto is “Life is beautiful, but not perfect”. I was born 58 years ago with an incredible enthusiasm that I had the fortune to keep until today. That having said, I would like to do a lot more things than I can actually afford to do and this is one of them. I never want to stop learning and challenging myself, so the answer is: yes. But I have to work with the length of the day, week and year.

OverTake: What has been the hardest part about organizing the tournament?

Emanuele: It has been organized by professionals, but still the challenge of this year was immense. I hate to talk about COVID, because it has often been an excuse, but it really puts everybody into a new perspective. I think this was probably the toughest challenge.

OverTake: Are you possibly looking to do a second season?

Emanuele: Yes, very much so. It would be very disappointing not to continue something so successful. We took this lockdown as an opportunity to accommodate new aspects into our life that should also play a role in our future.

If you missed the previous action of The Real Race and want to make up for it shortly before the Grand Final tonight, you should watch this teaser below and read our article here on what you can expect.

Tune in to the Grand Final tonight at 20.30 CET on Lamborghini’s YouTube channel.

About Emanuele Pirro

Italian Emanuele Pirro is a former professional racer who competed in multiple classes and tournaments including Formula 1, endurance races such as Le Mans which he won 5 times, and several touring car championships. He has over 500 entries in different national and international races and represented some of the worlds best-known car manufacturers, such as BMW, Audi and McLaren. With his expertise in motorsports, Emanuele Pirro joined the luxury car brand Lamborghini S.p.A. as a consultant with a focus on special projects like The Real Race. The racer will also be hosting the Grand Final of the event.

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