Pro player Massa: Trackmania is made for esports

Pro player Massa: Trackmania is made for esports


Pro player Massa is hyped for the new Trackmania and tells us about his passion for the series and the new game’s significance for the esports scene.

Image source: Nadeo / BIG

The latest addition to the Trackmania franchise launched on Wednesday. Fans of the iconic series were excited for the release, but also had some concerns regarding the new annual subscritpion model of the game. To get another perspective on the new Trackmania, we talked to Dennis “Massa” Lotze.

The 25-year-old German is a professional Trackmania player and streamer for BIG, and he has been hyped for the game ever since it was announced. Since Wednesday, he has been grinding for some impressive times and records on various tracks already. We talked to him right before the release of the Trackmania Nations reboot. What does the pro think of the new game and its significance for the esports scene?

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“There will be so many new possibilities”

Massa is mostly excited about “daily competitions and all the new blocks,” as he states in our interview. “There will be so many possbilities! You can build almost everything – and drive there.” Trackmania lives from the creativity and passion of its own community. Through the track editor, players can create lots of content for others.

“Racing and speed have been fascinating me my whole life,” the German explains his passion for the racing game. What he loves about Trackmania is “the feeling of constantly getting better and to be faster than the rest of the world.”

But how does the community think about the new game? “Within the scene, you see almost exclusively positive feedback, even though the subscription model raised some questions,” Massa tells us. The professional esports racer especially hopes for a boost of the competitive scene.

“The potential is huge”

The racer wants the esports scene to evolve and make the next steps: “I hope for higher prize money and tournaments in different styles.” In Trackmania, there are several different track styles like, for example epic-looking RPG circuits with many creative and difficult challenges to master in order to complete them.

Trackmania publisher Nadeo has done a lot to make the new game intereresting for esports racers and to develop the competitive scene further. With the new ranking system, daily competitions and international open leagues, there are plenty of opportunities to compete against other players. “Personally, I have been waiting for this kind of content for years,” says Massa.

“It is great to see that finally something is done for the esports scene. Trackmania is the most impressive game I know which is at the same time easy to understand. The potential is huge,” BIG’s Trackmania pro points out. “I think we will be a force to be reckoned in esports.”

If you want to aim for a career in Trackmania esports, Massa has some helpful advice ready for you: “Experience and nerves are the most important aspects in this game. I might be one of the fastest drivers in the world, but I am not the most consistent one. Consistency is key and makes the difference. You need to keep your nerves but also dare something.”

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