Driver61: the passionate teacher

Driver61: the passionate teacher


Driver61 provides finest racing content on two YouTube channels and a dedicated website.

Picture Credit: iRacing

Scott Mansell has been around in the racing scene since 1996. As a british pro racing veteran, he has broken several lap records throughout his career. In 2015, he took his expertise to YouTube and now runs two channels there.

On his main channel, Driver 61, he mostly focuses on racing content from Formula 1 and provides his audience with vlogs, covers racing events and offers insightful race recaps and analyses. On his second channel, Driver61 Sim Racing, he dives into the world of racing simulations – mainly iRacing – and explains useful tips and tricks for his audience to help them become more successful racers.

Maximizing racers’ potential

In addition to these two, Scott Mansell and his team run a to provide racing newcomers with training programs as well as coaching sessions and detailed racing guides. Users of the site have the opportunity to take the Driver61 Scorecard Test to analyze their driving skills, to gauge and maximize their potential. The site is also brimming with supplementary tutorials and helpful content revolving around racing and sim racing alike, so all members of the community should find something to their taste.

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