Evan Posocco: The voice of eNASCAR

Evan Posocco: The voice of eNASCAR


Evan Posocco is the man behind the voice that has accompanied eNASCAR for seven years.

Photo credit: eNASCAR

eNASCAR commentator Evan Posocco has been around in the scene since 2013 and is the voice that any fan will recognize. He can be found covering the 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series and interviewing its racers on iRacing’s official YouTube channel.

Sim racing love at first sight

When Evan Posocco saw his first eNASCAR race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, he was only 16 years old and immediately fell head over heels for iRacing. Today, the Canadian living in L.A. can look back on seven years of broadcasting experience that have featured him on RaceSpotTV, the iRacing channel and the official site of NASCAR.

Evan can never get enough of sim racing and usually does at least one broadcast a week – sometimes even up to eight. Not only does Evan commentate on the most prominent races of the scene, but he also interviews their most important racers such as iRacing WCS driver Nick Ottinger, Ryan Michael Luza or Bobby Zalenski.

Heading into the grand finale

The next big race on Evans’s schedule is nothing less than the finale of the eNASCAR Coca Cola iRacing Series. The four top drivers Bobby Zalenski, Nick Ottinger, Ryan Luza and Michael Conti will fight for the title on the Homestead-Miami Speedway. iRacing’s broadcast will start on November 2 at 8PM ET (2AM CET) on the official YouTube channel.

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