Ermin Hamidovic Our Hero of the Month

Ermin Hamidovic: Our October Hero of the Month

OverTake presents our Hero of the Month for October: Content Creator and soon-to-be German Ermin Hamidovic!

Photo credit: Ermin Hamidovic

He has impeccable racing skills, a deep knowledge on high-tech sim racing equipment and is a truly eloquent presenter: There are many reasons why Ermin Hamidovic has become one of the most liked content creators in the scene. The Australian has a huge dedication for his favorite racing games Assetto Corsa Competizione and BeaMNG. And for sim racing in general. He finally proved his love for the sport when he decided to move away from home to the other side of the world, to become the new face of OverTake. That is why Ermic Hamidovic is our Hero of the Month!

Hero of the Month

Ermin’s interest in cars started quite early. As a small toddler, the now 34-year-old used to point at all the cars he could see growing up in Bosnia and knew them by name. He jokingly added that apparently the country had a lot of Fiats and Lancias driving around.

Ermin’s passion for sim racing took off a bit later. When Dirt Rally got released in 2015, Ermin picked up a racing game wheel and explored the challenging terrains from Argolis to Monte Carlo – and the virtual journey began!

Nowadays, our host enjoys a range of racing games and his favourites often change. Currently, he enjoys Assetto Corsa Competizione and BeamNG the most, both for very different reasons. For ACC, he highlights the incremental progress over time, as well as their focus on a single class of racing. He explains that this kind of hyper specialisation allows motorsports enthusiasts to get extremely close to simulating every aspect of the real racing. BeamNG on the other hand impresses him in terms of the scope.

To the shock of many of his fans, Ermin even started to enjoy parts of iRacing, especially the vehicle dynamics as you can observe aspects such as tyre flex or weight transfer.

One of his idols growing up was F1 mega star Michael Schumacher who he calls an absolute legend and titan of the sport. His main passion in motorsports used to be rally racing, which to him also idolizing Colin McRae. But Ermin not only took extremely skilled drivers as an idol, he also looked up to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former bodybuilder, actor, govenor and enterpreneur is known for exactly that – being successful in everything he does. For Ermin, there is much to be learned from this drive and ambition.

We would argue that Ermin himself showcased that you can succeed in various areas with hard work and dedication. What you may not knew about out hero so far is that Ermin had a career in the music industry. He worked on an album with the metalcore band Northlane, which won an ARIA award, the most important music prize there is in Australia. Also, Ermin worked together with the American metal group Periphery on an album which was nominated for a Grammy!

On to new adventures

With his passion for esports racing even letting him to travel between continents, an exciting road lies ahead for him in Europe. When asked if there is anything he is going to miss from Australia, apart from his friends and family, his answer was quite specific: charcoal chicken. As he used to be into bodybuilding, his protein supply and general nutrition is an importan factor for him when travelling. He explains that Australia has some of the best meat in the world and he needs to make sure to stock up on protein in Europe as well. The weight-lifter jokingly adds that the first phrase he would need in Germany is “Kann ich bitte etwas Protein kaufen?” (English: “Can I buy some protein, please?”) – We are looking forward to him transforming our office into a gym with its own supplement department!

Apart from ensuring a healthy diet and conquering the Nordschleife, Ermin is also looking forward to being able to travel to any European country in the fraction of the time it takes to go from state to state here in Australia. When planning a trip to the Nürburgring, he even pondered: “Why would I fly when the drive is only 6 hours long?”.

Additionally, the soon-to-be German aims to simply enjoy life again and wants to spend time in Mediterranean countries, visiting old friends.

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