Exclusive OverTake documentary: PESC winner Joshua K Rogers

Exclusive OverTake documentary: PESC winner Joshua K Rogers


He moved from Australia to Germany to pursue his dream. 2019 PESC champion Joshua K Rogers provides insights into his life in our exclusive documentary.

Photo credit: OverTake

Epic Factor is our new format in which we visit the greatest heroes of sim racing and sit them down for an intimate interview. In our very first episode, we feature none other than 2019 Porsche TAG Heuer Supercup winner Joshua K Rogers. The Australian is considered one of the most talented players ever to touch iRacing and has moved to Germany to pursue his dream.

From Gladstone to Germany

“It’s been a whirlwind of a career so far”, Josh reflects on his career. The 21-year-old from Gladstone, Australia, became one of the highest earning sim racers in the world, winning the PESC 2019. Since then, Josh has been a staple of the iRacing scene.

To improve further and become the best sim racer he can be, he joined Coanda Simsport in their teamhouse, where he lives with other notable racers such as Mitchell deJong and Mack Bakkum. Staying in a small town in Germany close to the Dutch border, Josh and his teammates have found the perfect surroundings to compete in the most challenging sim racing series.

From humble beginnings

Josh talks about his childhood and his competitive nature. He is the youngest of three children and has always enjoyed challenging himself in racing. His dad got him into karting at an early age, and it was also his family which supported his competitive aspirations. They are his biggest fans and cheer for him in every competition.

The sim racing star only entered the scene in 2015 and started to gain ground three years later. Despite his skyrocketing performances, Josh has remained humble. He is grateful to have a team of friends around him, and his family cheering from the other side of the world.

The first time he asked, Coanda said no

Joining Coanda was a struggle in itself. His teammate and spiritual brother, Mack Bakkum, remembers: “The first time he asked, we actually kind of said ‘no'”. Only when the team was in need of drivers for a 24-hour race did they consider Rogers. The youngster turned out to be the perfect fit for Coanda and has been named the best driver on the team by his mates.

Surely, his career has just begun and we at OverTake are thrilled to find out what Josh will achieve in the future. If you want to know everything about him, this episode of Epic Factor is a must-watch!

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