The chaotic online debut Hero's Journey #4

The chaotic online debut | Hero’s Journey #4

F1 2021

Hero’s Journey returns with episode 4. This time we let James compete online – and chaos ensues. Watch the fourth part now!

Becoming a hero is a bumpy road with lots of obstacles. Nobody knows that better than our soon-to-be hero James Bardolph. In the first three episodes, G2 pro and coach Nils Naujoks helped the CS:GO expert quite a bit improving his lap times, but there is still a lot to do. Watch episode 4 now and accompany James on his epic quest to greatness!

Turning up the Force Feedback to 100%

For starters, we let James warm up driving against AI opponents. Our trainee doesn’t do too bad at first, but the practice round shows that there is still room for improvement. Still, we want to test James’ limits and crank up the Force Feedback to… 100%. Good thing that our friend has Herculean arms!

We don’t force this challenge upon him, without his best interest in mind of course: after the challenge, James has a better understanding of how to steer and even his critical coach sees that his young padawan benefitted from the exercise.

The long-anticipated online debut

Okay, now it’s time for James to jump right into his first real online race against actual human players. Can our protagonist put all he learned onto the tarmac and shine? If you want to know about what other adventures James experienced, you better tune in and enjoy the show.

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