Telemetry SUPERCHARGES Lap times Hero's Journey #3

Telemetry SUPERCHARGES Lap times

F1 2021

Watch CS:GO legend James Bardolph race versus the AI in our thrid itteration of Hero’s Journey.

Photo Credit: OverTake

Episode three of James Bardolph’s Hero’s Journey is upon us. While James was preparing as a lone wolf on the circuit for the past episodes he is now testing the waters of racing against the AI. Will he prevail the same way he did in the other episodes?

Telemetry as a gamechanger

Sim racers often talk about hardware, but the software is just as important to look at. Something more in-depth is the analysis of the telemetry. Basically, every input you give the game gets registered and can be read with the right kind of software. While examining it you can often see glaring weaknesses on the side of the driver. In James’ case, Nils and him were able to see a tendency of slow turn in which they try to tackle in the upcoming challenge

AI proves tricky

While robots may be of use for humans it is certainly not always a walk in the park to deal with them. James found out the hard way. In his first attempt to trump the AI, James ran into the ever-present gift of the F1 game AI. In between colliding and spinning James managed to make some huge progress as well, which lead to a surprising result. Watch the episode to know more.

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