James West: producing variety content

James West: producing variety content

If you see someone “driving” a shooter, you probably know that it has to be a “GamerMuscle” video.

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With a catalog of videos ranging back over 8 years, he isn’t a new face to the sim racing community on YouTube. But over this time span, James West developed a diverse range of videos. First and foremost, he is a racing content creator. But as soon as you peel away the top layer of his channel, you find so much more: from standard gameplay of shooter games to a having a different twist on them. This is certainly true of his most famous video, where GamerMuscle plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a steering wheel. However, he also played with a dance mat, his crotch, and even played Trials Fusion with an exercise bike. On top of that, he made short skits about everything that comes to his mind.

What originally brought him into the sim racing world is also the reason for why he constantly modifies his rig further than most people do. James’ love for haptic feedback devices made him upgrade his rig so, he is able to play racing games as well as the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Using VR in racing games

GamerMuscle isn’t just into sim rigs though. He is also an avid fan of VR technology, playing major VR releases on his channel. More importantly, he loves racing in VR. He says himself he prefers a classic monitor setup for his streams but as soon as he gets the chance, he goes for the full immersion. He puts on the headset, shuts himself off from the outside world, and drives round after round on the virtual circuits.

If you want to see more from James, just visit his YouTube channel. Or watch our latest Nitro Nights episode where we chatted to him.

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