Joe Barron: Tekken, racing, and delivering Project CARS 3

Joe Barron: Tekken, racing, and delivering Project CARS 3

Joe Barron is a gaming fanatic who has turned his hobby into a job. His latest accomplishment is Project CARS 3.

Joe Barron has been a gamer all his life and now makes a living from his passion. He is marketing director at Slightly Mad Studios and responsible for bringing us Project CARS 3, which was released on August 25.

Racing is an unfulfilled dream

Joe has had a love of motorsport since a very early age, and racing games offered him access to a dream that he couldn’t afford – something that every fan can relate to. However, this became a spring-board for his career. After working together with friends he met at university through the Gamespot community, he started off as a freelance journalist. The contacts he made brought him to Slightly Mad Studios. He now lives the dream of bringing racing games to fans around the world.

Chasing nostalgia

It’s not only racing games that facsinate the Englishman – he also has a vast collection of retro games. Throughout his life, Barron has kept his love for past gaming memories alive.

racing games that facsinate the Englishman

His favorite vintage games include the Tekken series. Joe has even visited gaming conventions and played Tekken against professional players.

vintage games include the Tekken series

The future’s bright

The recent take-over of Slightly Mad Sudios by Codemasters is viewed positively by Joe. Being part of a bigger family will ensure a transfer of knowledge and experience, that should benifit both parties and maybe create new ideas. The recent release of Project CARS 3 is already a sign that things are going in the right direction.

Joe took time out of his packed schedule to be our guest on Nitro Nights. To learn more, check out the video:

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