Sim Racing and Minecraft: Two faces of Just Devon

Sim Racing and Minecraft: Two faces of Just Devon

YouTuber Just Devon is best known for his hilarious series “Idiots of the Week” on Forza Motorsport.

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Bored of monotonous grip races in esports? Then Just Devon might be your hero! On his YouTube channel, the content creator provides hilarious sim racing content of the less serious kind – his infamous series “Idiots of the Week” is only the tip of the iceberg. We are glad to feature Devon on our latest episode of Nitro Nights.

The humor in sim racing

Just Devon’s initial motivation to start his YouTube channel was one of the most renowned franchises in the virtual racing scene: Forza Motorsport. He took it upon himself to provide the community with useful tips for the sixth part of the series back in 2015. His content has come a long way ever since: Moving more into the comedic genre, the series he is most well-known for is called “Idiots of the Week”. A multiplayer commentary, Devon uses the format to show funny clips of situations he experienced with fellow racers in different games. For the Forza version alone, the format currently stands at 157 episodes, while the GT Sport version has climbed up to 13 episodes so far.

Standing with the classics

Although Just Devon’s dedication to racing games is undisputable, the content creator revealed that his heart belongs to a totally different franchise: Minecraft is Devon’s favorite game of all time. Having spent a lot of time on the game in private, he also sometimes publishes his adventures in the infamous world of blocks – you can find them on his second channel JSR Devon 2. Though uploads on there are rather rare, they also provide hilarious content in Call of Duty and Fall Guys.

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