Meet Will Ford from Boosted Media

Meet Will Ford from Boosted Media

In our video, we take a closer look at the skyrocketing hardware expert.

Will Ford a.k.a Boosted Media is one of the most successful content creators in the sim racing world. Specializing in hardware reviews and tooltips but also making tutorials, he has something to offer for sim racing veterans and starters alike. Racing wheels, pedals, frames: the tinkerer shares his in-depth knowledge and his awesome equipment makes it possible to meticulously test every new component.

Sim racing passion as self therapy

His friendly, charming personality and vicinity to his community make Boosted Media one of the most authentic content creators in this field. No matter if he builds his wife a sim rig or hosts a community racing event: Will’s fans are always invited to join his life on his channel. His lightheartedness doesn’t give any hint to Will’s issues before he established his channel.

I always had struggles with… not so much depression, but anxiety. I had severe anxiety all of my life. I actually started the youtube channel originally as a little bit of an personal development challenge to myself. I wanted to push myself out there, push myself out of my comfort zones and just eventually see what happens. It really changed me as a person. It really made me much more confident.

A journey for everyone

Visiting Boosted Media is like visiting a friend. Step by step, Will starts new DIY projects and expands his sim rigs or other parts of his multimedia HQ, always documenting for his audience. Viewers really feel like they become part of his development, accompanying Will on his journey and eventually learning a little bit on the way.

This journey sometimes goes beyond his sim rig and also features real cars as well. The Boosted Media channel has been a full-time project since the end of 2019, so Will’s fans can surely expect even more exciting and versatile content to come.

For more insights into Boosted Media’s world, have a look at our video above or watch the full Nitro Nights episode.

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