Old but Gold: Midtown Madness 2

Old but Gold: Midtown Madness 2

Rockstar’s tremendously fun classic lets you wreak havoc in London and San Francisco.There are few games that deserve their names as much as Midtown Madness 2 does. In the old-school game by Rockstar San Diego, you perform some ridiculous stunts and defy the laws of physics while terrorizing the streets of London and San Francisco. Some 20 years later, Midtown Madness 2 might have aged, but quite well at that. Have a look into our video to learn what made this game so special!

Sightseeing… but different

Both cities featured in the game include some iconic places and landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Alcatraz. The game mode “Cruise” is perfect for such a discovery tour, which, like its name implies, invites you to explore the cities to your heart’s desire.

On your way, you create chaos and unrest while the cops are trying to stop you on your path of mayhem. This theme has stayed with the developers over the years, as they are responsible for some recent smash hits in which you do the same, such as GTA V.

For casuals and hardcore gamers

Midtown Madness 2 isn’t just a casual game, however. Well, you can certainly play it that way if you’d like to, but it is also ideal if you are looking for a challenge. The game features some laughably hard missions and objectives that will break your will over time.

For example, the game starts off quietly with some long jumps, parkour drives and sight detection challenges. But just a little later, you suddenly need to do 180s, shake off bad guys and make complex jump-sequences from one ferry to another to complete the mission. One small mistake can cost you the completion of a run and you need to start over.

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