Sebastian Job: Our Hero of the Month

Sebastian Job: Our Hero of the Month


We at OverTake present our Hero of the Month November: Esports racer for Red Bull and reigning World Champion in iRacing, Sebastian Job.

Photo credit: Red Bull

“I’d never thought I’d be able to be a champion.” – and yet, Sebastian Job is the reigning iRacing World Champion. The goal for him was to compete against the big names in esports racing one day. Not only did the talent achieve this dream with ease, he surpassed himself and claimed the golden trophy at the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup.

Now a household name in the scene himself, Sebastian is more than fitting to be our Hero of the Month for November. The 20-year-old racer for Red Bull Racing Esports Team is humble, diligent, fair playing, professional – and obviously extremely fast. So let’s slow down and take a moment to highlight the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Champion of 2020.

Hero of the Month

Once a competitive racer, always a competitive racer

The Brit has been interested in motorsports from a very early age, watching Formula 1 with his family. He also stepped into karts himself to fix his need for speed. The passion for fast cars stuck with him and once karting became too expensive, Sebastian looked for other ways to challenge himself.

After watching lots of videos about iRacing, the simulation seemed like the perfect tool to step up from playing the usual console games. Having always been incredibly competitive, iRacing took his drive to the next level and opened new gateways.

Sebastian during his karting days
Sebastian during his karting days as a child Photo credit: Sebastian Job

The drive to compete leads to success

Sebastian wasn’t just content with casually sim racing on his own – the competitive drive in him quickly led him to a successful career. In 2017, the driver scored the JMR Scholarship which granted him a fully-funded drive in the 2018 National Formula Ford Championship. He then became an official racer for the Red Bull Racing Esports Team.

Last year, Sebastian won the ADAC Sim-Racing Series 2019 and finished in third place in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup. He also participated in the 2019 World’s Fastest Gamer competition – one of his favorite experiences. Going to America for the tournament and racing for two weeks was amazing but specifically driving the sprint cars was both petrifying and incredibly exciting, so he told OverTake.

The iRacing World Champion

In 2020, Sebastian achieved a huge milestone in his career: he won the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup. The reigning champion definitely deserves this title after a stellar performance in the season. While the final race was a decider match between him and defending champion Joshua K Rogers, Sebastian delivered a strong pursuit and finished in fifth place – enough to claim the crown.

For the humble world champion, this achievement is the highlight of his time in esports racing so far. He did not expect to make it this far: to be a world champion is something he never dreamed of being possible and was very much what he considered an unrealistic dream, so he told OverTake. He can now tick “be a world champion” off his bucket list.

The ultimate goal: becoming a professional motorsports racer

Sebastian not only searches for high-speed action and adrenaline fixes on the virtual tracks, he also is a thrill seeker once he steps away from his sim rig. There are very few things the adrenaline junkie would shy away from trying, so his next mission is to go skydiving. The Brit is a big fan of sports in general, but unfortunately, it is difficult to accommodate many things when focusing on a career as an esports racer. He also cannot risk injuring himself.

One type of sports is, of course, especially interesting for him: motorsports. With his adventurous mindset, Sebastian feels like racing in real life would be the perfect place for him. This shows in his main goal for his career, as the sim racer dreams of getting into the real world of motorsports and becoming a professional driver. If Sebastian keeps up his pace and continues going full-speed towards winning championships, he might very well achieve his goal.

Sebastian at the World's Fastest Gamer event
Sebastian at the World’s Fastest Gamer event Photo credit: Sebastian Job

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