Tom Matthews: From fan to content creator

Tom Matthews: From fan to content creator

Tom Matthews and his way to becoming a racing-focussed content creator, reimagining Top Gear in the virtual world.

For as long as Tom Matthews can remember, he has loved everything connected with cars. He was an avid watcher of everything from F1 to Top Gear, which later led him to create his own YouTube channel, accumulating over 70,000 subscribers. He first started with the usual YouTube content like the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge, before moving on to content surrounding his petrolhead passion. He then went as far as launching his own web series called “Gear Knobs” entirely in GTA5.

His racing content isn’t just limited to the virtual world. He made a trip through Wales in a Ford Fiesta ST, vlogged the Goodwood Festival and, most importantly, promoted the British GP. The latter was special in its own right, but not only because Esteban Ocon drove him around Silverstone Circuit in an Ariel Atom. It had more to do with the fact that the car caught fire halfway around…

New to the sim racing world

Tom has only recently taken his first steps into the sim racing world. During the ongoing pandemic, he took his first steps into the scene by livestreaming on his Twitch channel. While doing so, he competed in a 100%-distance race of the British GP and raised money for the National Health Service. By streaming Assetto Corsa Competizione and Automobilista 2, he is attempting to get a foothold in the sim racing world and hopes to create even more content in the future.

Also he was our guest on the latest Nitro Nights Episode.

You can find more from Tom Matthews on his YouTube Channel and his Twitter.

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