Who is Ben Constanduros

Who is Ben Constanduros?

Host and commentator Ben Constanduros has lived and breathed motorsport all his life. Who’s the man behind the mic?

Ben Constanduros is one of the best known commentators and presenters in the esports racing scene. The Briton has worked on events such as 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual, World’s Fastest Gamer and SimRacing Expo. But that’s not all: Ben actually has a real-work motorsport background and started out as a reporter at events such as Dakar Rally and the World Endurance Championship. With his great charisma and strong stage presence, he guides viewers through tournaments like no other. When he appears on screen, you know it’s time for some gripping motorsport action!

The different kind of race

Virtual and real-world motorsport doesn’t seem to be enough for Ben. In his free time, he competes in racing tournaments on an amateur level – even though it might not be the kind of race you might think about at first. In our quick overview with Ben Constanduros, we give you an insight into his career so far and who the man behind the mic is. If that’s not enough for you, he has also joined us on our Nitro Nights show and talked more about his work, passion and even gives a glimpse into his video game skills.

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