Random Callsign shows how to sim race on a budget

Random Callsign shows how to sim race on a budget

Portuguese YouTuber Random Callsign demonstrates how sim racing can fit anyone’s wallet.

Photo credit: Random Callsign / Gran Turismo

Random Callsign is a Portuguese YouTuber living in London. On his channel, he covers everything his subscribers desire, be it racing challenges, tutorials for sim setups, live streams or news reports. The 35-year-old has launched his channel four years ago and counts over 30,000 subscribers to date. Although his favorite game is not even a sim racing title, he knows all about the scene and how to get started playing sim racing games.

Spreading the love for sim racing

On his YouTube channel, Random Callsign frequently addresses sim racing’s unfortunate reputation of being a rather expensive hobby. However, according to the YouTuber, sim racing equipment actually does not have to be an exclusive luxury only the richest of the rich can afford. Rather than that, it could fit in any pocket! Random Callsign recommends the most affordable yet sufficient pieces of equipment for your personal sim racing corner, proving that the hobby is really something everyone can enjoy.

A gaming-allrounder discovers sim racing

Although Random Callsign’s channel revolves all around Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo and F1, he was not hooked on the sim racing scene right away. He first found his way in there through Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3. Despite being interested in sim racing nowadays, his all-time favorite game is Fallout 2. Besides that, he enjoys shooters in general and has always been a huge fan of various micromanagement games such as Transport Tycoon.

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