Why we were WRONG about Project Cars 3

Why we were WRONG about Project Cars 3

Our editor Marvin Miller explains why he defended Project Cars 3 upon its release – and why he now thinks he was wrong.

Photo credit: Slightly Mad Studios

Around a year ago, the esports racing community saw one of the biggest uproars in its history when Slightly Mad Studios revealed a first trailer and insights into their newest game Project Cars 3. What was once a franchise that wanted to be a realistic simulation, now looked like it was trying to clone the likes of Need for Speed or Forza Motorsport.

It was at that time when our editor Marvin Miller wanted to believe that there was something good in everything. That one should not judge a game before it is released. The piece blew up in the Project Cars community and sparked a heated discussion.

But to err is human, and to forgive divine. Today, Marvin is here to correct his mistake.

Ripping the soul out of the franchise

A key factor that made Project Cars fans furious about the third game was that it got rid of basic features of motorsport, like tyre wear and pit stops. In his 2020 column, Marvin argued that the removal would go pretty much unnoticed within most of community since a large portion would drive short races anyway.

Today, Marvin knows how wrong he was. He really wanted to give Slightly Mad Studios the benefit of the doubt. But removing core components from the game left a void, he says, and sucked the soul out of a title that was already standing on shaky ground.

There were several more warning signs that Marvin admits he did not see before the release of the game. To find out which one, make sure to watch his video on our YouTube channel!

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