Clash of racers

OverTake presents: Clash of Racers

Watch your favorite sim racers and content creators compete in an epic racing battle!
Welcome to Clash of Racers – the ultimate racing game competition! In our unique format, we let popular sim racers and content creators of the esports scene compete against each other in two teams – GREEN and RED.

What is Clash of Racers?

For our two editions of Clash of Racers, we invited the most popular and skilled esports personalities to a battle of epic proportions. In two teams, these brave racers fought for points in multiple disciplines. The teams were captained by renowned personalities, such as the world’s most famous esports host Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere, League of Legends coach Jakob 'YamatoCannon' Mebdi, German streamer legend kev1n and iRacing world champion Maximilian Benecke.

The event featured a wide selection of esports racing games, from more 'arcady' titles such as Trackmania to SimCades like F1 2020 and full-fledged simulations like iRacing. Last year, participants included notable racers such as David 'Dave Gaming' Karapetian, Jaroslav 'Jardier' Honzik, Jimmy Broadbent, Maxime MXM and many more, who made Clash of Racers so incredibly entertaining. In addition to that, challenges like a round of "don’t drink and drive" in Mario Kart and a spiced-up version of a Carrera track race in our studio added to the entertainment factor of the event.

Bringing the esports racing community together

Clash of Racers is an excellent opportunity for the OverTake community to get together and enjoy racing. During each event, there are competitions to take part in and opportunities to interact with the show and its host. The community spirit is a core feature of CoR (no pun intended) and more than any other OverTake format, CoR celebrates diversity in the esports racing scene.

Stay tuned for future editions, in which we push the limits once more to come up with an even bigger and better event. Make sure to follow OverTake on Twitter at @overtake_gg to stay up to date.

CoR Highlights

There have been two editions of Clash of Racers so far, both of which created memorable moments and highlights. Here is a selection of interviews, recaps, and photographs from both CoR events.

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