DMSB SimRacing Championship 2020

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Photo credit: DSRC Facebook

With the announcement of the DSMB SimRacing Championship the German sim racing scene will have a brighter future than ever. The DSRC will look to bring us exciting and fair race action on historical tracks. The races will be held on iRacing in the GT3 series.

The Nürnburgring eSports team is the host for the DSRC and will be for the next three years. The series is also approved by the German Motor Sport Federation making it the first of his kind.

It is planned for the series to cover six events. The first event will feature a week Online Hotlap Challenge on the Dutch track of Zandvoort. It is open to enter here. The Hotlap Challenge will start at the June 15.

The fastest 90 participants will be eligible to enter the qualification races on Brands Hatch circuit on July 11. There will be three races that will feature 30 drivers each. Of those 30, 20 racers advance to the main stage. Those 60 will be divided into two groups afterwards that will be separate and drive on independent racing days.


August 22Imola
August 29Silverstone
September 5Nürburgring
September 26Zolder
October 10Spa-Fancorchamps
October 24Nürburgring

The winner of the season will be the first German sim racing champion.


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