GPVWC Superleague 2020

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    rFactor 2
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The GPVWC has been established in 2000 and is therefore one of the longest ongoing series in esport racing. Superleague is its prime format. It is a special racing series that features a unique form of management simulation. The rFactor2 league is based on Formula 1. Teams have a simulated operating budget from which to develop their cars, hire drivers and pay suppliers.

The maximum number of drivers assigned at any given time is three. Drivers are free to change teams during a running season. They receive points solely on their race performance. Qualifying, testing and practice do not reward points.

The races take place on Thursdays. Racedays look as follows:

Official Test Session: 30 minutes, 7.10 PM (GMT/BST)
Free Practice: 30 minutes, 7 PM (GMT/BST)
Qualification: 15 minutes, 7.30 PM (GMT/BST)
Warm-up: 10 minutes, 7.50 PM (GMT/BST)
Race: 8 PM (GMT/BST)

The qualifying features an unlimited laps format and the parc ferme conditions. The race itself is held at full Grand Prix distance.

Every season consists of 16 races from March until October. The full racing schedule is as follows:


At the end of every race the first 15 places get awarded points. The season's winner becomes Superleague champion and is guaranteed a seat in the next season.
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