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    Cup of Nations
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After a long qualification process 16 nations have proven to be worthy of a place in the VCO Cup of Nations. Come July 25, the 16 best nations will battle each other in a group stage. A group consists of four nations each being represented by four drivers from their respective country. So in total 16 drivers will leave it all on the track to gain a place in the knockout stage for their nation.

The group stage will feature three races including all 16 countries at once, but only the top two from each group advance. Those you don't make the cut will face off in one more event to determine the last two participants for the semifinal.

The ten remaining teams are going to compete in the single semifinal race on July 26. It features five groups in which the higher scoring team advances to the final. Again there is going be a losers' match among the eliminated teams from the semifinals that determines the last participant of the four-race final.

The team which gathers most points after the four races is crowned VCO Cup of Nations champion.

Point system

The points awarded will be different for each race, depending on the number of cars and teams competing. The exact amount of points awarded at each race will only be announced on the morning of each day of the tournament, alongside the car and track combinations.


The group stage is scheduled for July 25. The semifinal as well as the final are both held one day later, on July 26.

Prize pool

  • 1st: Β£4,000
  • 2nd: Β£2,500
  • 3rd: Β£1,000


Following nations participate:

Live stream

All matches are going to be broadcasted on the official VCO Motorsports Twitch channel.

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