Trackmania Grand League: Winter 2021

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Photo Credit: Nadeo

The Trackmania Grand League is the most prestigious series in Trackmania. The biannual event sports the best players in the world such as Dennis 'Massa' Lotze, Carl-Antoni 'CarlJr.' Cloutier and Valérian 'Papou' Ramamonjy. The prize pool of the Winter Season 2021 holds €16,500.


The format of the Trackmania Grand League changes every season. The Winter Season 2021 features this format: Competitors play six maps each week, driving each of them for six laps. Depending on where the players finish on these maps, they gain points added to their total. However, points awarded after each map vary after a unique system. On map one and map two, players only gain points.

Contrary to the first two maps, the next couple of rounds determine the number of points each player gets to keep. If players finish 9th-16th on map three and map four, they lose 50% of the points they gained on maps one and two. If that did not shake up the field enough then map five and map six will. If the participants finish 9th-16th there, they lose 100% of their points total.

The top eight players in points make the 'Final mode' where they battle until its a 1v1 of two players.


The schedule of the Trackmania Grand League: Winter 2021:

  • Step 1: January 24, 8 PM CET
  • Step 2: January 31, 8 PM CET
  • Step 3: February 7, 8 PM CET
  • Step 4: February 14, 8 PM CET
  • Step 5: February 21, 8 PM CET
  • Step 6: February 28, 8 PM CET
  • Final: March 14, 8 PM CEST
  • Head-to-Head: March 21, 8 PM CET

Live streams & VoDs

There are 16 different streams. One stream for every player that is involved in the event. The easiest way to watch the casts is:
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