1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC

1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC 0.5.1

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Patrik, your cars are there in the top 1% and have always been. Hat's off!
Its good but when full relaese
Love it, real BTCC feeling. Simple, but it creates amazing racing. Thanks Dude!
when full release? its been 3 years already
Beautiful mod, looks fantastic from the replays. It drives just as good as the others you have done. Like a few other reviews have pointed out, the interior just need finishing to be truly outstanding. for me though, it still deserves 5 stars, that's saying something for a mod that doesn't look finished
Would love to see some updates after two years, such a good mod, can't let it go to waste!
merci beaucoup
Thank you for this top mod! Amazing car, physics, sound, everything. You put a smile on my face with this!
This is great. Just like your previous mods it is one of those rare cars that you can feel exactly what the car is doing, especially when pushing on the limit.

Love it !!
Very nice mod, i like the e36, i had one a couple decades ago. what disturb me is that the skid sound are hardly heard.i took the sfx.sip to see if its a update, and the skid sound are better there, but i miss the growl of the engine decelerating though.
maybe a update?
Anyway great mod all together, bravo :)
Works flawlessly and together with the Nissan and the Volvo makes for kick-ass-racing. Thanks a lot for this.
Thankyou for a great Mod nice work . Many thanks
Very nice to drive, it go like train on rails. Love it!
Maybe the most fun car in sim racing history
As an IRL driver of and E36 Saloon I love this BTCC version of the car. But this really needs finishing. I could kinda live with the no interior for a while but now it kinda grates on me as the car is very good otherwise. Will this ever be finished? Hell, if you want pics of a real stripped out E36 Saloon interior hit me up - I'll send you as many as you need to get this interior done!!
Fantastic fun to drive. Sounds brilliant and drives brilliant, I just hope the interior will soon be updated :)
Something in the suspension settings must be wrong, maybe the travel, because when I change the rate of the springs or the ride height AC says that the setup is invalid. the rest a 10
Top quality work thoroughly. Will be one of the best mods out there when finished some day.
good start to this car. would be a shame for it to stall in this shape. Hopefully you will have the time and desire to start this back up after the audi.
simply amazing! looks sound driving. all too perfect and reliving TOCA2 vibes

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