#27 HKS Corvette C7R

#27 HKS Corvette C7R 1.35

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Latest updates

  1. Wrong file names corrected

    - added helmet_2012_glass.dds - renamed 2016_Gloves_DIFF_NM.dds to 2016_Gloves_NM.dds - renamed...
  2. 1.5 patch update

    - new driver suit and gloves - new helmet - added crew suits - added ac_crew.dds - new rims -...
  3. Now with proper skin_map.dds

    Now with a proper skin_map.dds file

Latest reviews

KOOL SKIN!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX!
Top job as always. Thank you.
You're very generous to put up all possible materials used in this livery, we appreciate the fantastic work, thank you!
Love this one, thanks!
Cracking job,nice one,Thanks for sharing
what a paint scheme pal, very decent
Friggin nice scheme there sir. Thanks for sharing
Now this is my cup of tea: fictional racing skin that rocks and makes the car look even better. I love it, I absolutely love it. This will get a high download rate, trust me. Keep it up, creativity and high quality are 2 strong skin modding capacities.
Quality skin, thanks mate.
Love it. Great addition for the c7r. You guys are really talented.
Dayum that is a fine fantasy skin. My new favorite.
very nice thx man :)
Awesome love it thanks!!
Very nice, thx!!

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