Blackwood 2.0 BETA

Blackwood 2.0 BETA 2.0 beta

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Blackwood For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima
Conversion permited by Live For Speed Dev Team

Info About Live For Speed :
Live for Speed (LFS) is a racing simulator developed by a three person team comprising Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen.[1] The main focus is to provide a realistic racing experience for the online multiplayer game and to allow single player races against AI cars. Users can set personal bests which can then be uploaded to LFSWorld in hotlap mode, and take driving lessons in 'training' mode.

Track Info:
Short: BL1
Length: 3.3 km / 2.1 miles
The Blackwood Circuit has been revamped twice in the history of LFS - once at the start of S2 and again for patch Y. The S2 version added a better pit lane and removed some rather large bumps, and Patch Y made more improvements to the facilities and tightening the chicane. Although the characteristic tight chicane of the original turned into a long wide one, it's still Blackwood. Besides this chicane,the tight hairpin (first turn), the long straight and the esses in the back of the track are defining the look and feel of Blackwood.

Latest updates

  1. 2.0 beta

    2.0 beta
  2. Quick fix Of some reported bugs V2

    -Fixed ai not leaving the pit lane , or hiting the wall -Tweaked rally cross surface and sound...
  3. Quick fix Of some reported bugs

    -Fixed ai not leaving the pit lane , or hiting the wall -Tweaked rally cross surface and sound...

Latest reviews

Best track
I love you... Thanks thanks thanks
thank you.
nostalgic af
Esta ótima a pista!!!
Tirando o fato de quando fiz a volta em reverse e nasce uma palca cravado no asfalto e meu carro saiu voando na curva zero... rs
de toda forma esta top, bom trabalho, obrigado
I realise I am swimming against the current, but I much prefer the less detailed version from a few years ago that is closer to the original LFS. I would have loved to just see that updated with better textures, objects etc. That felt like a proper club circuit on the outskirts of a town, whereas the new one looks like something artificially dropped into the middle of Birmingham. It has a heavy "GRID Autosport" vibe to it. Still, excellent work with the detail, trackside objects etc., and it's really fun to drive. Just a personal opinion that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing...
I have a soft spot for this track. It has so much character. I can't actually see a lot of updates, BUT THAT IS testament to how good thee first (1.0) version was. Big fan of this track and dev.
Ouh yeah! I like very much this aged aspect of a battered track, it gives it realism. Expectating the final version... including the resting five layouts... Thanks for your work!
Oh yes!!! Thanks!!! This track really needed a refresh!! Thank you.

One Thing, there's something in the middle of the track at the braking point of the last corner to the left (the one that leads to the main straight). I had made a screenshot, but it doesn't let me load it.
Fantastic update. The racing environment is so rich with different textures and feels graphically very realistic.

Wonderful update :)
0k nice
Now this is a proper track conversion, absolutely fantastic work!
Fantastic in every way
Beautiful recreation of an old boring track. Good stuff
16 / 5.000
Resultados de traducción
fantastic track!
Ao fim de tantos anos, e novos updates.
Wow, it's great to see an update after 6 years!
This track is really great and deserves some more love.

After I've seen it has 2.0 beta release, it was instant download for me and after couple of laps I can say this new version is much more detailed than previous one. Surrounding is more detailed and it feels much more life-like.

However this probably comes at a cost, since I've got some minor hiccups on my midrange PC, although general FPS seems to be good.

Also the issue with AI weaving on the long straight is not yet fixed, sadly. But seeing this track is being worked on again, I have some hope :)

In the end, great work. This track is really a joy to race on.
This track is awsome, even the AI is very good. The only thing I found was that on the back straight (the long one) in Blackwood GP, they would weave and would lose control for no reason. If there is a fix for it, it would mean this is one of the best track mods out there.
Fantastic quality mod!
Only recently I've tried LFS and this track really got me with it's flow. Now I can experience this with tons of cars in AC.
I really recommend this track with low power open wheelers such as Skip Barber, it's a blast!

One minor downside is that AI sometimes does some crazy stupid moves like weaving on the straight line etc.

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