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F1 2014 - Handling Realism Mod (Pad & Wheel) + Texture Updates 1.41

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Been little busy, so it took some time to make this, hope you like it,
since I was supposed to do school works today....

I cannot say anything else than it's better than anything what codemasters has done. This game has potential, but codemasters didn't used any of it.
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Seems there was malfunction in handbrake. Which made car spining + There was absolutely no grip while skidding.

But now that is fixed and you will be able to race.

In 1.32 I'll try to make cars more realistic as they were in real life.
And I'll check if I can boost AI.
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All cars, oh men that was hard. But managed to make it.
Before final touch I would love to have feedback how cars handle.
They might feel pretty same, but I'm working on it. And if I get feedback from you it will really help me.

Cheers! Hope you like it
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Well... few days late but it was worth to wait.

It's not only for pad users so I would love to hear something from wheel users too! Don't mind about those names (pad1 and pad2)

1.3 Beta contains only mercedes files, but there is all files for every track. Many thing has been changed from 1.2, from steering to speed, etc.

At the moment it's really, I mean really stable to drive, if you are bad driver it doesn't matter you can do it, even blind can make it. Soo.....

Almost forgot there is 2 files, there's small differences but they are not the same! So if you have time and could check them both pad1 and pad2. And post some feedback to choose which one was better so I know what to do better in final version.

I tested them and I was pretty much in every track 1 second faster than my team mate. Rosberg when I was Hamilton and Hamilton when I was Rosberg... you know right?

But I could manage to get low 1:08 in Austria which is more than realistic what they did in this year in F1 (Massa)
You can choose now lower forcefeedback while shifting
Getting everything ready for the 1.3 version. Keep your car inside those white lines or you will be in deeep trouble. Getting out from grass is easy but from gravel... well good luck with that.

Extra: "Warning entered in restricted area" -> reset to track....

Well that won't happen anymore, so feel free to check those areas where they exist. (Brazil, Abu Dhabi, Sorchi etc)

And damage is increased
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1.21 has new tyre wear appear and added force feedback.
Force feedback while shifting, lock up, spining etc.
I'm pretty happy with outcome. The main point of the mod was get away that steering assist, but I get into this and it's even better than previous versions.

The car setups has even bigger meaning now. Toe, camper, wings, driving height etc. It's not the same!

Quick comparing test between Lotus and Redbull and the result was shocking. It's hard to drive low end cars without adjusting car settings and even if you do, you need to be good... really good. For Redbull and other high end teams it's much more easy to drive but don't forget the speed!

And biggest change is what racing engineer will say and will not say.
"Keep warming those tyres" He will not spam that anymore!
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low speed corners hotfix
I used accidentally 'balanced' files in version 1.0.
Version 1.1 is made using each team own file.

I don't know how I let this happen, but luckily I noticed it.
Version 1.2 is coming soon! with more realistic handling

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