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FFBClip app 5.3

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Took me a little bit to get it right...but I'm glad I was patient and got it to my liking. I can't imagine AC w/o it now.

FFBClip app 5.3 2017 Atle Dreier remains essential in 2024. There is this type of functionality today in Assetto Corsa AC / Content Manager CM / Custom Shaders Patch CSP, but I have not yet understood how to implement it efficiently or optimally
Fantastic app however for the last few months, when ever my AC crashes, does not start, race cancelled, etc, once I remove or deactivate this app from within Content Manager, The game suddenly works again. I have no idea why this is happening. Another guy had the same problem on Steam and this solution worked for him too.

I will say that the above fixes Content Manager and allows me to play but for some reason, when starting AC (the original launcher) from steam, the game is stuck on "Loading car metadate 100%"
In the UI Menu I see two versions of this app, one called "FFBClip" and one called "FFBClip53" but neither app shows up in-game.
The app is so good but when i try to change the ffb strength to low nothing is changing and the wheel is still so heavy when i try to make the ffb higher in game
No me funciona, he seguido los pasos al pie de la letra pero no me sale en las apps y por mas que lo intento se me hace imposible solucionarlo. Ahora aun que tengo el lut puesto, el volante es mucho mas tosco por que ffb clip no hace nada. Por favor solucionarlo.
edit: nvm you need to drag the RAR into CM, THEN it will show up. not sure why the description says to unpack files into the Assetto Steam commonapps folder lol
I'm lazy and this sorts FFB for you to avoid clipping. Using it with a Fanatec CSL DD 8nm. Love it!
It works well on Thrustmaster T300! However I don’t know why but when I drive some specific mod cars, the FFBClip app disappears. It doesn’t show up in the app bar. I have to change a car and get into the game again, then it shows up again. Is it this app’s bug or something about CSP version?
delete the combo's and ffb config files in here: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\FFBClip\Config if there are any to get it to work
Its a must have with the G29.
Great on the G27! Thank you, was looking for something like this. Still fine tuning dynamic mode and figuring out what graph / histogram shows me but this is certainly lightweight and powerful - great job dev team!
Ive installed it all following the guides, enabling it in content manager etc but the app doesnt show up in game on the right hand side guys any help?
At first I thought it was broken like the rest of the recent reviews, but on further inspection of the files I found that Content Maneger installed it incorrectly (v0.1.80-preview115). Just copy the FFBClip folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python and bam! Now my wheel feels $500 more expensive lol, thanks
Atle Dreier
Atle Dreier
Thank you!

It's weird how CM mess up the install for some, but that's on the CM devs, not me. :-)
App isn't broken at least not anymore if it was. Works great, G920 never felt better.
It was good until it didnt worked anymore :'(
truly an amazing mod, and now that it is gone i will sincerely miss it,

Atle Dreier
Atle Dreier
The app works fine, something has changed with CM or something that breaks the install. The app hasn't changed in years.
FFBCLIP No longer works with the new update of CM/AC. Every time I don't load the plugin the game is able to launch. FFBClip is a godsent and I hope it can be fixed
Atle Dreier
Atle Dreier
Keep pestering the CM devs, they must have changed something in the way they install the app. I haven't changed the app in years.
If there is one essential mod for Assetto Corsa, it's this one. Driving without FFBClip running in the background just doesn't feel right.

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