FIA GT Championship Skinpack [GT1]

FIA GT Championship Skinpack [GT1] 1.0

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This is my first solo livery project for Automobilista 2 and is inspired by the inaugural season of the FIA GT Championship. This pack contains 25 liveries and AI drivers for cars in the GT1 class inspired by the 1997 season. Of these 25 there are also 3 Nissans that didn't actually compete in the GT Championship but in the 1997 Le Mans 24h. I included them to increase the grid size and add a fourth manufacturer to make up for the missing Panoz, Lotus and Lister Storm.

Special thanks to @AFry and @chrisi2174 who let me reuse their Team Lark and Marlboro Porsche skins with minor adaptions to fit to the GT Championship 1997.

How to install?
Either drag the contents of the archive into your AMS2 directory or use the AMS2 Content Manager.

How to get rid of the fictional liveries in races or championships?
When setting up your session or championship make sure to set the number of AI opponents correctly. That means select 24 AI opponents after choosing the car you want to race with.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of the liveries might be perfectly accurate as it's hard to find pictures of some of the cars or some of the car models in game don't fit the '97 season (e.g. the Porsche in-game is from 1998 and some of the McLaren privateers were still using an older model of the F1 GTR in 1997). Hope you still enjoy.

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Previews 2.jpg

Liveries and Custom AI included in this pack:

McLaren F1 GTR (9 liveries):

#1 Gulf Team Davidoff
#2 Gulf Team Davidoff
#3 Gulf Team Davidoff
#8 Team BMW Motorsport
#9 Team BMW Motorsport
#19 Martin Veyhle Racing
#25 BBA Compétition
#27 Parabolica Motorsport
#44 Team Lark McLaren

Mercedes-Benz CLK LM (3 liveries):
#10 AMG-Mercedes
#11 AMG-Mercedes
#12 AMG-Mercedes

Nissan R390 GT1 (3 1997 Le Mans liveries with GT Championship branding):
#31 Nissan Motorsport
#32 Nissan Motorsport
#33 Nissan Motorsport

Porsche 911 GT1-98 (10 liveries):
#6 Porsche AG (1998 livery, 1997 driver)
#7 Porsche AG (1998 livery, 1997 driver)
#16 Roock Racing
#17 JB Racing
#18 Schübel Rennsport
#21 Kremer Racing
#22 BMS Scuderia Italia
#26 Konrad Motorsport
#30 G-Force Strandell
#47 Porsche AG (1998 livery, 1997 driver)

Feel free to check out the other skinpacks to which I contributed: 2023 IMSA SportsCar Championship, 2023 24h Nürburgring [WIP]

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wonderfull and amazing job, thats great!!!
Superb, thank you
Amazing livery pack. Just what the GT1 class needed :)
Realy nice. But it is really worth +100mb each livery? Don't want to be rude ...
Great pack , top work , thanks for this
Robin what an amazing pack, thank you for sharing this with us!
Awesome, thanks for these!

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