Ford Puma Rally1 HY #22 | Martins Sesks | Renars Francis | Tet Rally Latvia 2024

Ford Puma Rally1 HY #22 | Martins Sesks | Renars Francis | Tet Rally Latvia 2024 v.2.02

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Latest updates

  1. added ''terrabalt'' logo to front up sides

  2. improvement of the whole livery ->

    new front + grill + sponsors hood coloring back + colouring new roof sides + sponsors spoilers fix
  3. body_s updated, sides updated, moved to livery #3 , glass fix, UI Pending

Latest reviews

Hi again,

The bug when Sesks #22 name is appearing in all other Ford (DLC cars)
and I think it's better to remove the Tet Rally Latvia banner from car windscreen and sides if there is no better quality pictures of it. Thanks!
Thanks for fixing most of problems
Hi, I really like the livery you made but a few things ruin it for me:

1.The livery quality isn't great and some things mismatch from the real one.
2.The Sesks text on the back windows is now on all other WRC cars (rally pass ones).
3.It replaces Ott Tänak's one (it should be replacing the #4 one, as some liveries do).
I would really like to use that livery but those things just ruin it for me. Thanks if you can fix them.

1. Yes . When we have better photos and see the car in action, we will update.
2. Glass textures should be fixed
3. Livery is moved to position 3

Thank you for your time.

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