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GT4 Motor Sports Land2 ver1.0

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Assetto Corsa MOD track
Gran Turismo4 TRACK Motor Sports Land 2 RELEASEV1.0
・AI line
・PIT BOX(21)
・Replay camera
・3DCG SCRATCH (It is a scratch model and has not been converted.)



Latest reviews

This is excellent. Thank you. YOur work is always great.
The track doesn't load though because its folder name is wrong. It is éé and the folder name for the track needs to be renamed to: motor_sports_land2
That fixed it for me.
Mod doesn't work at ALL-- it does not appear
Thanks for porting and sharing the one track that should have never gone away!
really good job,thanks for sharing
Amazing! I only wish there was a mod for Apricot Hill...
Amazing track just amazing !!
Huge and Excellent Work, Thanks for Sharing!!!!
5/5 one of the best!
Fun little track. Features everything a track should have (cameras, good AI, groove, performance), track layout is great for low powered cars and downright suicidal with 800+ hp ones (I tried :D), but that is down to Gran Turismo and its good fantasy layouts. So far I can't find any flaw in the recreation, thus it gets 5 stars from me.

Where I would go further than just recreating would be track environment, there isn't much for now, some landscape, buildings and backdrop would do great.
great,hope for more.......
granturismo <3
Thank you for this track! it was always fun to drive there!
wow, amazing track! really fun, specially for drifting! great quality, thanks!
Very fun for little cars. Glad to see Gran Turismo Tracks.
Great Track,top Work
Hope to see more Tracks from you
Thank you
Works great, good solid conversion!
respect, nice one! Graphics, AI and bumps OK. Hope 2c other GrTou tracks
5 stars just because this is a great track, very nicely done, if you add to that the ability to drive the AC physic in VR on a Gran Turismo track it is fantastic. Please don't stop there, we need more Gran Turismo track modded to AC.
Excellent! Graphic, Map and Camera are ok. AI works good. THANK YOU!

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