Indonesia Circuit

Indonesia Circuit 1.5

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Indonesia Circuit 2024 v1.5

Fictional circuit in Indonesia.
Converted from rFactor2.


-CSP recommended
-40 pit/start
-3 layout
-AI, cam
-camtool(_camtool folder)

NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is dark, rename ext_config_for_sol.ini to ext_config.ini in the extension folder.

Folder name changed in v1.5.

Credits & Thanks;
Original Track and Updated by Eren Tuzci ( @erenschumacher )
-Thank you for giving me permission

Converted to AC by @shin956
Camtool Replay by @ckkjw398 and Eren Tuzci
.lua and font base and rolex clock by @Gunnar333
logo.png by @Fanapryde
Crowds texture by @Kniker97
Tree by kunos
Test and Feedback by @Mascot , @breathe_reprise

ext_config, replay cam, screenshots & advice (up to 1.1) by CrisT86
AI sidelines (Full layout), advice by KevinK2 (up to 1.3)
Cam by tetuo01 (up to 1.3)

rFactor2 version (steam workshop);


If you feel like donating something:

Latest updates

  1. v1.5 Big Update

    Folder name changed in v1.5. v1.5 changelog; Author (Eren Tuzci) has made a major update to...
  2. v1.3 update

    v1.3 changelog; Groove/skidmark has been reworked. Fixed the aspect ratio of the logo. Added...
  3. HotFix 1.2.3

    v1.2.3 changelog; With the advice of KevinK2, Sidelines have been "baked" into fast_lane

Latest reviews

Nice one, good layout and flow in a pretty environment. Thank you.
Excellent track, there was an update to the Ai which made them very fast, so the negative reviews are not justified anymore.
Great and a very fun circuit, if it had existed in Indonesia, it would probably be very cool!
another great stuff
Good track, very fun to drive. For my personal taste, the only thing missing to go from good to excellent
is to add some realistic improvements, like more real textures on buildings, or bollards and brake markers that interact when they are hit by cars, besides other small fixes, for example the clock post on top of it; is not visible when you approach it from the front, in the direction of the track; it seems that the clock and the sign are floating in the air.

Thank you very much and keep the good work!
C'était beau et bien fait : c'est devenu magnifique, et il ya du public !
très bonne piste. L'IA est désormais rapide et se comporte humainement et rapidement. Le seul élément qui pourrait un ajout immersif serait du public dans les tribunes... sinon TOP Circuit !
A really good track, quite fun to do the different layouts, so like TCR on the national and classic f1 on the main circuit. my only gripe is the blend from the national circuit back into the main is too narrow, and the tarmac isn't very grippy compared to the rest of the track, making it a nightmare for me and the AI to navigate in one piece.

Excellent work.
Nice layout, Thank you.
The only downside is the ridiculous slow AI, maybe a better one in a future update.
Good job. Thank you.
Great track and very light to run on a weak card. Good work!
Great track but needs some AI improvements for those like me that love to race offline.
very fast track with great flow. Just a bit of blending of the rubber on the corners would be nice. Great work... like the pit detail. Thanks!
The track is really well done. Good Job, - Thanks for share it
Dunno what the other folks here wrote before xD but the colors are horrible (kerbs, grass) and the whole track is basically a mix of Sepang, Mexico, Hockenheim and a whole lot more xD
Very cool track!
So well made, the track is really well done. Top Job!
Thank you!
Incredible track. Good flow. Good that you took the time to convert it.
Thank you!

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