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Pacelogic Pro 1.9

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Pacelogic Pro
Dashboard for Simpush Racelogic Clone

This Dashboard is optimized for the Simpush Racelogic Clone with Vocore 5" displays only.
If you are looking for a laptimer to use with other displays or as an Overlay check out my Pacelogic Dashboard & Overlay here:

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Latest updates

  1. Pacelogic Pro 1.9

    CHG: - removed ams2 last lap flag due to unpredictable behaviour NEW: - redesign of lap review...
  2. Lap Review Overlay

    Hey guys, thank you all for your feedback to the new lap review overlay. I can say most of you...
  3. Racelogic Pro 1.8

    NEW: - New default Lap Review showing Laptime (green = faster than last lap, red = slower) +...

Latest reviews

Very good job. Thank you for the work. I use it on my old smartphone and I printed a pretty blue case for it.
Great Job! I did one myself before according to normal version, good to see a official support:)
Full Pace Simracing
Full Pace Simracing
it’s not official but thank you anyway
Excellent! Great attention to detail.
Fantastic. It is a must if you have a simpush display.

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Full Pace Simracing
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