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Pacelogic - The Swiss Army Knife of Simracing 2.3

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- removed ams2 last lap flag due to unpredictable behaviour

- redesign of lap review overlay. Its a merge of the old and new design and it is back to the prior color coding. No more confusion :)

It shows laptime, delta, current position and gain/loss of position last lap like before but in the new, uncluttered design

In Training and Qualifying invalid laps and new best lap times will be highlighted in colors
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Hey guys,

thank you all for your feedback to the new lap review overlay. I can say most of you liked the new style with the full lap time, some were missing the additional information like position changes etc., and there were some complaints about breaking the color code. Red lap time meant invalid lap before and now was supposed to show a loss in delta.

You are absolutely right! Breaking the color code was a bad decision and I will improve it with the next update. I've already spent some time on a new design, and I'm very confident that it will not only please everybody, it will also make the alternative (old) review overlay obsolete because it contains all the same features.

The update should be available by the end of the week.

Have a good one!

Feel free to join the discord channel:
- New default Lap Review showing Laptime (green = faster than last lap, red = slower) + invalid label in Qualifying and Training. To change back to the old design change config file entry to "1"
- Last Lap White Flag for AMS2 added (Beta)

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- Added refresh intervalls to reduce load on weaker systems and for bette readability of quick changing values

- Fixed a bug on Delta T page showing double values(IRAcing only)
- Fixed a bug on Session Progress page not showing remaining time (IRacing only)
- Fixed a bug on Tire page not showing blue color on front left tire
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- Fixed conditions on delta page to prevent showing two values at once
Developing and maintaining this dashboard takes a crazy amount of time.
So if you are happy with the features, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me motivated.

For donations visit:

Thank you Pal!
- Introducing Full Pace Simracing Icon font to avoid rendering issues with new html render engine (must be installed first!)
- Laptimes: You can now choose between the estimated lap based on session's best or all time's best laptime in config file
- First fuel alert now has a bright yellow color for better seperation of sensor data elements
- Improved delta times on lap review overlay

- Fixed a bug where two delta values where shown at the same time
- Fixed wrong value for front left brake temperature on tire page
Developing and maintaining this dashboard takes a crazy amount of time.
So if you are happy with the features, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me motivated.

For donations visit:

Thank you Pal!
Hey Buddy!
Developing and maintaining this dashboard takes a big amount of my spare time. So if you are happy with the features, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me motivated.

For donations visit:

Thank you Pal!


1) Higher Resolution

3) Redesign of most UI Elements
4) Quick Menu for access individual pages + user favorites menu (see manual)
5) User config:
- lots of new customization options to tweak behaviour and show / hide elements to your liking
- Add your user name to customize the welcome message on idle screen
- new path to config file = C:\Program Files(x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\Pacelogic 2.0\JavascriptExtensions

!!! If you used the config file from previous versions, you can delete it from C:\Program Files(x86)\SimHub\JavascriptExtensions. It's not needed anymore !!!

- Delta LEDs can now also be switched from Session Best to All-Time Best (inpendently from settings on Delta pages, so you can see session and all-time best at the same time)

2) Overlays:
- Redesigned overlays for electronics, engine status, telemetry recording
- New flags (big thanks to Acidelic for sending)
- white flag (last lap) (ACC & iRacing)
- white flag (slow car)
- Penalties (ACC): slow down, disqualification, drive through, stop & go
- yellow sector 1-3 (ACC)
- double yellow (ACC)
- red (iRacing)
- debris (iRacing)
- pit lane closed (iRacing)
- Fuel Alerts:
- alerts are only showing if fuel is not lasting until the end of race
- if fuel is not lasting to finish, alerts now show the amount of liters needed to be add
- Pit Limiter now shows fuel to add if you need to refuel. If there's enough fuel it shows pitting times instead
- Damage: New damage overlays appears for 3 seconds, showing you increased damage
- Lap Rewiew now shows Positions gained / lost

3) Current Lap Page
- switch between Current Lap Time and Estimated Lap Time in config. You can show either one or both, alternating every 5 seconds
- Lap time turns red when lap is invalidated (only in Qualify, Practice and Hot laps)

4) Delta T / Delta V Pages
- scale range reduced to +/-1 seconds and adjusted subdivisions to 4
- Delta T now has a third mode "delta to last lap" (IRacing only, change in config)

5) Lap Times Page
- new layout with overlay showing Leaders' Best Lap and Session's Best Lap (only if it isn't the same) as well as Gaps to Best Time's

6) Fuel Page
- new fuel calculation shows amount of liters you need to refuel until end of session (Thanks for coding Acidelic!)

7) Gaps Page
- new behavior: In race is shows delta to player position, in qualify it shows delta to player's best lap time

8) Leaderboard Page:

a) Race Leaderboard
- is a relative leaderboard showing Laps, Best Lap Times and Gaps to your position

b) Qualify / Practice Leaderboard
- Shows positions 1-5 or position 1-4 + your position at bottom. It also shows Best Lap Times and Gaps to Leader's Best Lap Time
- Driver names are now in short name format (F. Lastname)

9) Stint Timer (ACC) Page:
- Driver name now in short name format (F. Lastname)

10) Sensors Page:
- Redesigned and uncluttered layout for better readability

11) Tires & Brakes Page:
- Cleaner design for better readability
- Font size adjusting for better readability

12) Damage Page:
- New page dedicated to damage
- Shows Body and Engine Damage (in AMS 2 Aero, Mech and Engine)

13) Inputs Page:
- removed the buggy steering wheel and used space for bigger charts and gauges

14) Speedo Page:
- Speedometer page is now in last position (= 1 page back from start) so it starts with lap timer, but it still quickly to reach.

15) A ton of code optimizations and minor tweaks to improve reliability


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Fixed wrong update prompt in idle screen
- Push 2 Pass Indicator "Boost Ready" for AMS2 and RRRE

- Tyre Temperatures now show correct values
  • Fixed a problem with overlapping values on Delta pages
  • Fixed a problem with session pages not showing on multiplayer practice sessions
  • New delta times via config
    • Choose between Session Best (default) or All Time Best via config file (read manual for instructions)
  • new overlay (collecting data) with explanations
  • Increased some rendering time for better performance
  • Reduced Delta V range to -1 to +1 second for better reading
  • progress of lap based races didn't show up on session page
- Fixed missing display background
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- added system time to idle screen
- added version # to idle screen

- fuel notification now permanently visible
color: blue (remaining fuel is calculated), green (> 2.5 laps remaining), yellow (< 2.5 laps remaining), red (<1.3 laps remaining).

- Fuel alerts more reliable
- black border fix
- Animated Idle Screen

- Lots of code optimizations.
- Fuel alerts because of Simhubs fuel calculations in the beginning should now be gone.
Pacelogic v1.6.1
- Wrong Touch screen Button on Idle screen
Pacelogic v1.6


+ Tutorial Video "How to Setup Touch Buttons in Simhub"
+ Checkered flag
+ White flag
Race page:
+ "Overtime" Text when Session Time is over


- Touch button previous page on Idle screen
Big Update :)

Requires Simhub v8.1.1 or later!


+ Requires Simhub v8.1 or later
+ Manual for Simhub v8.1
+ New Page: Speed - Current & Top Speed
+ New Page: Track Data - Air & Road Temps, Weather Forecast (ACC only), Grip Level (ACC only)
+ Summary for last lap (lap time, delta, position) after each lap
+ new fuel alert
+ added blue + yellow flag
+ added notifications on electronics changes (TC, ABS, ECU Map, BIAS)
+ new Icons
+ new notification "invalid lap" on "current lap", "lap times", and "delta" page (only in qualify sessions)

+ many more

Read the changelog in the download file for a full list.

Thanks for all the feedback and feature requests! Keep 'em coming ;)


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Big Update :)


Car Data Page 1
Car Data 1.png

  • Fuel / turbo / TC, TC2, ABS, water temp, ECU map, oil temp, break bias, KERS / ERS stored (AC & AMS2)
  • NOTE: if game is not supporting water and oil temp it will show some static temps anyway, it just looks nice ;)

Car Data Page 2
Car Data 2.png

  • Tyres (tyre wear -if supported from game-, psi, temps)
  • break tempartures
  • car damage

Flags added
  • - green / yellow / orange / black / white / blue

  • - DRS zone indicator (AC & AMS2)
    DRS Zone.png


Pit Screen
  • Added speed
  • Pit Limiter indicator (red and blinking when not activated, static green when active)

Lap Times
  • new layout for better readability

• Leaderboard
  • hiding multiple fields when Pos 1 or only player in session

• Fuel Alert behavior
  • Overlay screen removed
  • Low Fuel icon orange if remaining laps < 2
  • Low Fuel icon red and blinking if remaining laps <1.2

Gap page
  • renmamed to "Gaps"
  • Pedal page
    renamed to "Pedal inputs"

Pacelogic font
changed to second brand font
= closer to original)

  • Touch buttons / overlaybuttons working again
- Racelogic is now called Pacelogic
- New page: Stint timer (ACC only)
Stint timer.png

- Lap Timer now turns red when lap is invalidated (only in qualify)

- Low fuel alert improved (fuel is calculated by simhub and sometimes it still needs a while to get the correct value anyway)
- Race page now shows "Not in race" when in another session type than race.

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