Protech P96 V8 - HeadLights Leds Extconfig.

Protech P96 V8 - HeadLights Leds Extconfig. 1.0

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Copy the contents of this extconfig to the skin extconfig of your choosing.
Change the color in the COLOR= xxx,xxx,xxx,x LINE of the code.

Skin by: @DannyDotCom

So after my Proton Skin Led update i had some users asking how to make them so.. here it is. Enjoy fell free to use it on your skins just give credit =)

I've Noticed the A.I with this Code doesn't turn the headlights on, i don't really no why ... but it happens so i only recommend this for player use.

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nice, is it possible to have color lines of wec like purple/ pink, blue etc ?
Yes mate change the color code inside the extconfig, if tou need help pm me or add me on discord ill help you. Thabks for the review
Mant thanks, so there is bliking rear too :) it's too low
Yeah even the headlights, but i found that if you open the car app in game you can tweak the headlight brightness, hope it helps =) Thanks for the review

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