R3E Dashboards and In-Game widgets

R3E Dashboards and In-Game widgets

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Thank you
App dead, remouve that post please...
Stefan Mizzi
Stefan Mizzi
Thank you for your 1 start. Instead, you could have asked for maybe support or why it's down?

The main url has changed and now is http://telemetry.justrace.net

Having said that, you dont even need http://telemetry.justrace.net/ because the app can also be hosted on your machine by cboose option Local Web.
It is really useful, it adds a much needed information missing in the official game. Thank you.
Hi, Watching your video I was very excited but
APP not working. I am on the latest Windows 10
Have a look here for the error message http://hpics.li/6760266
Stefan Mizzi
Stefan Mizzi
Hi, Sector 3 updated their API just before I emigrated to a new country, but I had made a quick beta, check this post.


When my container arrives will make an official update. thanks
This is great. I can't wait to try this with my Chromebook.
This is just what i needed!!!! Thanx :) Superb App!!!
Usefull app. Didn't discovered all this app can provide, but even with basic use, seems handy and well done.
Nice app, good work! Sry for my bad english but the background function isnt work.
Stefan Mizzi
Stefan Mizzi
Did you maybe upload the image with a space in the filename? if so try without a space please and let me know :)
Superb app. Thank you Stefan.
Adds so much to the game. Thanks so much

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