Red Bull Helmet Career Mode [SERPs]

Red Bull Helmet Career Mode [SERPs] EA Sports logo added

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Red Bull Render.png

First mod of F124 by me, hope you like it

F1 23 07_06_2024 11_03_31-min.png

F1 23 07_06_2024 11_07_20-min.png

Commissions open
Ig @27_liveries
  • F1 23 05_06_2024 16_57_15-min.png
    F1 23 05_06_2024 16_57_15-min.png
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  • F1 23 05_06_2024 16_59_28-min.png
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  • F1 23 05_06_2024 17_04_33-min.png
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  • F1 23 07_06_2024 11_03_31-min.png
    F1 23 07_06_2024 11_03_31-min.png
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Latest updates

  1. EA Sports logo added (the mod has Red Bull visor, sorry for the wrong screenshots)

    (weird shades are from the 3d photoshop mode, it is full white in game)

Latest reviews

I like this helmet, but I like that HAAS one in your picture you provided even better. Black with the red and white on it. I noticed it :)
Alex Is 27 prod
Alex Is 27 prod
is Magnussen's helmet F1 23 released for everyone, was free as dlc last year :)
Not too bad but seems so similar to your other helmets, you've got the potential to do some really cool designs bro. Also, when you said use the mod before reviewing, you need to remember your screenshots are what help people decide if its worth a download or not.
Alex Is 27 prod
Alex Is 27 prod
fair, my works can't be good for everyone. I'm going to release at lest other 8 helmets with the design of this helmet as base so if you don't like it I'm sorry but I'm gonna continue posting them. I can't see similarities between this and other helmets I've done, mainly because at 90% I've made replicas
Excellent work mate! Is it also possible to make the EA Sports logo on the front nose?
Why Petronas?
Alex Is 27 prod
Alex Is 27 prod
at least use the mod before reviewing lmao. it has oracle visor, I've only uploaded wrong screenshot

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