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Telemetry Tool for F1 24 (and many other games) 14.2

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Version 14 is here.

Support for F1 24 added.

The tool also supports AC, ACC, AMS2, PC2, rFactor2, R3E, KartKraft, Dirt Rally 2, EA WRC, Grid2 and F1 games from F1 2012 to F1 23.

Notable changes:
  • F1 24 support and many F1 24 related additions to the Tool
  • Many additions to the Driving pane, including "driver ahead telemetry"
  • Tyre load and ride height related traces added to games, which provide that info
  • AMS2, data related fixes + new data added
  • ACC, small
  • The Tool is now less aggressive on resetting data. You should now be able to view the data of the previous race/session until you start new session
  • Added new modes for RaceInfo on how laptime/sector times are colored
  • RaceStarts window: Renamed in menu + added bit more info
  • Traces (Telemetry/Multilap/Workspace) have now unit info
For list of changes, see the ReadMe.txt.

Updating from older versions: Just unzip .zip on top of your old installation. No need to update the plugins.

Clean/New install. Unzip the files to anywhere in your system (e.g. under 'Program Files\Telemetry Tool' or to somewhere else). On the first run the Tool will ask location for data files (if necessary), so no need to edit the baseSettings.xml file anymore.

For install help, see the help at

The new version has been tested quite a bit, but there might still be something odd lurking around. If you find anything odd, please let me know.

Enjoy, and get faster.

Some screenshots

New workspace traces:
Here tyre load, rideheight and MGUK power.

RaceStart dialog additions
On this dialog the steps are each 1 second. The key value is the distance, i.e. how far from standing start you get in 15 seconds. There is also "reaction time" data, which is based on the release of clutch when lights go green.

Driving pane addition of the "car ahead telemetry". This is available in F1 games, AC, ACC, rF2 and R3E. It is handy to learn real-time from the car ahead. Just follow a faster car and you will see the input/gear as you drive. This can be set on/off and the trigger treshold from 0 to 500 meters. Also works in online carnage as a nice way to get bit early warning if someone is brake testing you.

Driving: Some new F1 24 data, i.e. ride height. This data is also taken from other games, which supports it, like AC and rF2.

And in the Settings Dialog (This is for F1 24) you can enable the new features.

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Just an excellent tool. With all the data you get and all the functions, it's much better then even the paid programs
Fantastic software

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