Touring Car Legends Porsche 911 RS 2.7 LIGHTS FIX

Touring Car Legends Porsche 911 RS 2.7 LIGHTS FIX 1.2

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This car has no lights file in data ( maybe author forgot ) so I created an extension config to fix the lights...
The car is from the pack Touring Car Legends ( by Bazza )

Copy the content folder to your Asseto Corsa folder
for example:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

Don't worry it will not damage original files and works online without checksum missmatch error.
If you will not like it you can delete it whenever you want.

If you want to use high/low beams front lights ( use button high/low-beams in controls settings/Patch in Content Manager ) , open the ext_config file and change the 1st value from 0 to 1
this is it:
change to:

I combined the turn signals, main lights, and high beams into one indicator light on dashboard. Not real but useful in game...

I enjoy creating scripts for all lights for cars ( all interior / exterior lights, foglights, turnsignals,... ( even dynamic LED turnsignals... ) If someone making your own mod I can help if you need...
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed: missing gauges needles backlight

    Fixed: - missing gauges needles backlight
  2. Fixed: road lighting from brake lights & too bright headlights

    Fixed: -wrong position of the road lighting from the brake lights -headlights were too bright.

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Does exactly what it says - nice catch, I've had this car in my garage for years now and never knew it was missing headlights. Thanks for the fix!
JUngle Man
JUngle Man
Thanks :-)

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