Dream Team Series

Dream Team Series

‘Dream Team Series powered by OverTake’ set to create vibrant sim racing tournament for everyone to participate

The one of its kind sim racing series welcomes influencers and their followers alike to battle it out playing F1 2021 by Electronic Arts (EA) and Codemasters

Berlin, November 23, 2021 – The major content and community brand focused on esports racing OverTake initiates the interactive video format “Dream Team Series powered by OverTake”. Popular content creators of the sim racing scene will face their followers in an exclusive tournament environment and create a one of its kind interactive and original content show. Being an essential part of OverTake’s brand values, the competition aims to bring the community together by offering a platform for rising heroes to showcase their talent. The show will see four episodes broadcasted on OverTake’s YouTube channel starting Nov 26, 2021 at 6:30PM CET.

In the first edition of the “Dream Team Series powered by OverTake”, ten teams compete against each other, five of them made up of well-known content creators from the scene and five of their followers. Bringing the community closer to their idols, fans worldwide are welcome to apply via the influencers’ dedicated channels in order to take part in this exceptional opportunity and to be given the chance to reveal their inner hero.

Participating content creators are:

  • rAii (of “die Pixelhelden”) & Jay von PietSmiet TV
  • Hydro & AnaOnAir
  • Jimmy Broadbent & GamerMuscle
  • ElReyGuiriyplay & Amos Laurito
  • Maxime & Emily Jones

The show around the tournament consists of four episodes, each showcasing ten teams playing F1 2021 by Electronic Arts (EA) and Codemasters. Rene “GRunnerTV” Buttler, sim racing talent and Product Manager at OverTake will host, interact and entertain the audience throughout the broadcasts.

“Dream Team Series by OverTake” is produced by Freaks4U Gaming, the Germany-based global full-service agency specializing in esports and gaming. More information and a full playlist of all content pieces of the first edition starting November 26, 2021, can be found on OverTake’s YouTube channel.

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