TGL Fall: Step 1

2020-09-13 14:00 CEST
1stValérian 'Papou' Ramamonjy92 points
2ndTim 'Spam' Lunenburg57 points
3rdDennis 'Scrapie' Heinen41 points
4thMartin 'Kappa' Krompolc22 points
5thSébastien 'Affi' Affolter19 points
6thCarl-Antoni 'CarlJr.' Cloutier13 points
7thGwendal 'Gwen' Duparc11 points
8thMarcin 'evoN' Szura9 points
9thThomas 'Pac' Cole7 points
10thBurim 'riolu' Fejza5 points
11thYann 'Yannex' Perroulaz4 points
12thDennis 'Massa' Lotze4 points
13thBrendan 'Bren' Seve3 points
14thMateus 'matt' Bohrer3 points
15thMarek 'tween' Pacher2 points
16thAurélien 'Aurel' Bouard0 points


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