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TRL Limitless on his personal growth and ambition in F1.
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Our podcast Nitro Nights Stories goes live on Twitch every other week for you to tune in to. In each episode, our hosts are joined by another guest from the esports racing scene. Via the chat, you have the chance to also submit your own questions for them. But don't worry even if you missed the live show – each episode will be uploaded to our YouTube channel or can alternatively be downloaded on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

In the latest episode of Nitro Nights Stories, Tom Deacon has the pleasure of being joined by sim racing content creator James 'TRL Limitless' Doherty. The Brit shares his history with F1 and reflects on the influence sim racing has on his personality.

From driving to managing

James entered the world of esports racing as a driver himself back in 2018. In the Pro Draft for fresh F1 Esports drivers, Renault Sport chose James for their Team Vitality – one of the most crucial moments in his career. Most of all, he considers his motivation and hunger for success the main reasons for the jump into the world of professional racing. However, when he first started esports racing, it was only meant as an escape from daily life at university, but quickly became a lot more for James. In his own words:

[Sim racing] is just such a good way to connect with people. It really helped me increase my confidence – because back then, I really didn't have any confidence whatsoever. [...] If you don't have anything to put your passion into, you can quickly lose your skills – also in terms of real life. So, [racing] really helped me to just become a much stronger person.

And esports racing already had a huge impact on James' personality: In between defeat and bad races, he has never lost his motivation and the willpower to pick himself up the following day. After his time as a driver, these qualities led James away from the track and put him in the manager's position at Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Racing. Success also shows on his YouTube channel, where he has been sharing sim racing content for roughly seven years and now regularly entertains more than 160,000 subscribers.

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