Bigger, better, faster: MotoGP 2020 takes esports to new heights

Bigger, better, faster: MotoGP 2020 takes esports to new heights

The fourth iteration of the MotoGP eSport Championship brings bike action back to your screens. The world championship’s format has been revamped and works differently than last year. In the last season AndrewZh was able to best two-time world champion Trastevere73, taking home the first prize: a BMW M135i xDrive.

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The new season of the MotoGP masterclass “is going to be even bigger and better than ever before taking it to another level,” as the organisers of the eSport Championship 2020 promise. With 22 players competing in eleven teams, the number of participants has almost doubled compared to last year.

The most exciting change: Instead of three offline events there will be four this time! The season finals will be staged at the legendary Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valencia to determine the MotoGP eSport World champion 2020.

How do I participate?

The first step to becoming a world champion is to officially enrol in the MotoGP eSport Championship. Login in with your existing account or create a new one on the official website. You’ll find an eSport ID code in your profile which you need to enter in-game to take part.

How does the format work?

The MotoGP eSport Championship consists of two phases this year: the Pro Draft and the Global Series. The 2020 Pro Draft consists of three Online Challenges, in which the best 15 competitors per platform and region (Europe and the rest of the world) receive points according to the official MotoGP scoring system. The 16 best players from Europe and six from the rest of the world qualify for the Draft Pick after the third Online Challenge.

The official MotoGP scoring system.

The Challenge is being played in time attack mode on pre-determined tracks, MotoGP riders, bikes, and without any opponents. Eligible platforms to participate are PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The 22 Draft Pick players will then be chosen by the team they are going to represent. Additionally, teams pick a substitute to stand in if the representative player is not able to compete due to disqualification, withdrawal, or medical issues. This back-up player is a novelty of the new season, as teams only had one last year.

The Global Series

The players drafted compete for their teams in the Global Series to determine the 2020 MotoGP eSport champion. They have to prove their skill in eight tough races and collect points based on their placement.

Apart from this new qualification format and the new player regulations, there will be an additional live event this year. The Global Series will stop at the famed Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello in Italy, the Red Bull Ring in Austria, and once again at the Misano World Circuit. Valencia is the last stop and will ultimately decide who’s going to take the crown on November 13, 2020.

At each offline event, two rounds will be played with points awarded according to the official MotoGP scoring system. Round 7 and 8 in Valencia make an exception: Like last year, the two final rounds offer double the points, promising an exceptionally exciting final racing event.

The stakes are high, because this year’s champion is going to take home a brand-new BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupé, provided by the famed German manufacturer. The runner-up of the tournament is going to get an Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica. The third-place finisher receives a powerful Lenovo Legion Y730 laptop.

Photo credit: Milestone S.r.l.

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